My grandmother's generation was in a league of their own - style was effortless, timeless, and trendsetting. Lillian and Alice understood what it was like to work full time, be a mother, and still have time to sew a new frock for that special party.... heels and fancy flats were synonymous with class and understated elegance. Although I will never have the hand for sewing, I will never tire in my effort to find the perfect outfits and recipes so that your grandkids look back on you 60 years later and feel the same way I feel about my grandmother, Miss Alice.

Our Story

I have been in the fashion, merchandising, and product world for over 15 years. I love how inspired I am at the art of putting together an outfit. I love being inspired by other blogs and world trends. I love inspiring other people to change the way they think. And I love being inspired to challenge my creativity and bring fresh, fun ideas to the table!