Well-Balanced Wardrobe: Red Lentil Soup

Guys - I love a lentil soup. Like really really love a lentil soup. Now I am here to tell you about one of my favorite recipes that I’ve made in a long time! One of the reasons I love lentils is because of how HEALTHY they are…

Have you guys heard of the Blue Zones? These are areas around the world where people consistently live to be over 100 years old and where people live the longest, and are healthiest: Okinawa, Japan; Sardinia, Italy; Nicoya, Costa Rica; Ikaria, Greece, and Loma Linda, California.

They follow the following “rules” when it comes to the food they consume….

  • Plant Slant: 80-95% plant based diet

  • Consume meat no more than 2xs per week

  • Small amounts of fish are OK

  • Eat lots of beans! A recent study by the World Health Organization found that eating an average of 20gr of beans a day reduced risk of dying in any given year by 8%. (Lentils are a bean, guys!!)

  • Slash sugar

  • Eat nuts!

  • Replace regular bread with sourdough

  • Go Whole. Eating singular foods without processing. Most Blue Zone peeps rarely ingest preservatives

By no means am I suggesting any kind of fad diets or drastic changes to your current eating habits, but it might make you more mindful of what you consume. There are other factors that contribute to the Blue Zone long lives - to learn more about them click HERE - it’s fascinating stuff and may help you rethink some of your food choices.

Sooo how is this relevant to the Lentil Soup recipe? Lentils are a true superfood and this is the long list of everything they do….

  • Lower Cholesterol

  • Are truly a Fiber King

  • Heart Healthy

  • Keep you full

  • Significant source of magnesium & folate

  • So much energy!!

  • Blood sugar stabilizer

  • Iron rich

  • Protein-packed


So here is the recipe… a true crowd pleaser!

Red Lentil Soup

Serves 4-6 peeps

1-2 tbsp olive oil

2 large carrots diced

4 large ribs celery diced

1 small yellow onion diced

2 cloves garlic

2-3 huge handfuls of baby kale chopped fine OR chopped frozen spinach (3-4 handfuls)

1/2 tsp oregano

1/2 tsp garlic powder

1/2 tsp paprika

1/4 tsp cayenne pepper

1/2 tsp salt (plus more to taste as you cook)

2 cups red lentils (do not sub with green as it won’t cook the same)

8 cups chicken broth

3 whole bay leaves

1 big scoop of boullion paste (or whatever you have, powder etc.) - to taste obviously

For serving:

Fresh lemon wedges

Dollop of sour cream or Greek yogurt



In a medium saucepan heat the olive oil over medium heat. Add the carrot, celery, onion, garlic and salt. Stir to combine then cover and let the veggies sweat until the onions are soft and translucent, about 5 min.

Add the lentils, broth and bay leaves. Bring to a boil, add kale or spinach, and rest of seasonings and then turn heat to low and simmer, covered until the lentils begin to fall apart, about 20 min. Add salt as needed/to taste as it cooks. You can use the emulsion blender at this point if you like an even textured soup. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t! If you do, remove the bay leaves and blend right on stove top. Once blended until smooth, let sit over low heat for a couple more minutes ensuring the flavors are integrated.


Turn off heat. Let sit for a couple min, put in bowls and serve with lemon squeeze, sour cream. A hearty piece of bread or grilled cheese pairs nicely.

Refrigerate for up to 5 days or freeze. :)


Have a wonderful, well-balanced day!



Finding Ways to Get Inspired

Finding ways to keep inspiration burning can be a challenge, am I right? Whether you are a business owner, manage a department, work with your hands, or teach a class of 10-year-old kids, something must drive your passion and inspiration. I have been trying to find little things every day that ignite my spirit and as we enjoy this gorgeous fall weather before it turns to the cold of winter I want to share a couple things that are lighting me up right now!

1. Flea Style - without a doubt, blowing up my spot. I adore Brittany Cobb, the owner and founder of Flea Style's overall vibe and lovely attitude about women in business. She owns a very dynamic organization that is 1 part commerce, 1 part educational, 1 part empowering women, and the ultimate sharing platform Her podcast, called Fridays with Flea Style, makes me excited to get in my car on the last day of the week and cruise all the way into the office listening to Brittany interview some super cool chic who started her own business and is willing to give up all the dirt on what makes her tick. Fashion, arts, retail - just a few of industries she taps into. Her interviews are ON POINT. Period. Makes me want to be a better boss and impact a business. Every. Day.


2. 1843 - The Economist (for those unfamiliar, a very dense, incredibly sophisticated weekly British based publication) started a magazine called 1843 (named after the year the publication was founded). They refer to it as The Economist "Unwinding" and is the ideas, culture, and lifestyle magazine. "Bi-monthly print edition that allows you to explore the world through profiles, narrative and travel writing with sections on style, culture, design, travel, food and drink." Same smart writing, but about global topics that will inspire and educate! 











3. Stress Free With Deepak Chopra (Meditations) - Not sure how (or if) you guys meditate, but I have been digging the Deepak album. It's guided, which I need. I have never been good at the sit in silence and not think about a thousand things. I need a voice, a mantra, and maybe some music. It's a 5 part meditation, so depending on what your body needs on any given day there is one for breathing, heart, love, sleep, or light body. I know some people think meditation is hippy and hokey, but it truly is a windshield wiper for your mind and you can reap many benefits from doing it. It opens me up to allow more inspiration and creativity in and feeling all the lighter for it! 




4. Fresh Flowers - I just adore having beautiful flowers in the house. Try it. Every week when you pick up your groceries stop and smell the roses. And then pick some up and bring them home! I may not be able to grow a plant, but I can keep cut flowers alive for up to 2 weeks by trimming them back and changing the water consistently. If I can do it, so can you. These mini carnations are my favorite and will bloom for quite awhile, but hydrangeas will really give you the bang for your buck. 









5. People of Las Vegas - I happened to be in LV the Friday after the horrible, tragic, unspeakable shooting happened. Running the strip a couple times was powerful. One morning we saw squads of runners carrying huge American flags and #VegasStrong tees. And the next we saw makeshift memorials with beautiful flowers, messages, candles, and memories of people killed. 

I know what we are all thinking - these mass shootings keep getting bigger and when are they going to end? It's senseless and stupid for people to lose their lives in this way. 

What I will say is that I am inspired by the people. The community. Throughout the years I have made many local Vegas friends. Luckily they were all safe, but not unaffected. This one hit too close to home. With every incident it seems that we are forced to join together and by doing so it makes us stronger and more solid which contradicts what this coward (and all of those before/after) was trying to create. The sun was rising on all of the beautiful spirits that were lost in Vegas and for those mourning, it was bringing hope and breathing life/spirit back to the city. 

I would love to hear how you are keeping inspired these days. As we head into winter (and S.A.D.) I have to try extra hard to feel inspired, so I appreciate any words of advice! 

Will and I shot today and it was SO FUN! My plan is to continue this bout of inspiration and translate it into blog posts... :o) 



Life is Messy. Period.

I feel like it's a common theme that I start off my blog posts with.... "so it's been awhile"....... but this time it actually has been a very long time. 10 months, 8 days, 12 hours, 56 minutes to be exact. We were moving into our new home the last time I posted. A home that we waited patiently for almost 4 years to find... or have it find us. And we are lucky, this little piece of paradise is a breath of fresh air, a respite from the city, a little slice of happiness. 

In the midst of it all, life is messy. We started demo on our kitchen/living room 13 days ago and our life is sideways - in the best possible way. At the same time, we have learned to embrace the moment. Live in the mess. Harness the hectic. And manage to find little ways to enjoy the ride. Yes our bathroom is our kitchen right now and the grill is our only source of cooking, but somehow it all feels like we are exactly where we are supposed to be. 

In an age of social media showing only "perfect" moments, I choose real. I want to see real life. Real mess ups, real clothes, real work outs, real meals, real people. Enough of this perfection. It's an impossible thing to live up to. Life IS messy. And that's OK. In fact it's more than OK. It's fantastic. If we are all living imperfect lives then why don't we celebrate the imperfections instead of hiding them? It would be so much more authentic. Don't get me wrong, that doesn't mean we need to be negative! In fact it can be the opposite if we all learn to smile at the mistakes and laugh at the insanity of it all.

The last photo shoot that Will and I did was around Easter. And it was a disaster. It's evident that neither of us were feeling it and we just couldn't get into a rhythm. Maybe the outfits were wrong or the weather wasn't great or Will wasn't feeling creative... Bottom line is it doesn't matter. The pics are a little bit of a hot mess. Not terrible (because obviously Will is a wonderful photographer), but when you look at them you will see - the soul and character is missing.  I kind of love that we captured this. 

Although I am sitting in a room stripped down to the studs typing this blog post.....

...I am celebrating the imperfections, Living in the mess, Harnessing the hectic. And managing to find little ways to enjoy the ride.

I wish you all the happiest perfectly imperfect 4th of July! Next time I promise it won't be so long.... :o)





If these walls could talk, what would they say?

As we get ready to close one very long chapter of our lives, we reflect on what we have endured and accomplished..... is it time to be sad? Is it time to be happy? Is it bittersweet? 

Lists of Note - In the Spirit of Nora Ephron -

*The "things" that happened in the last 12 years*

Got Married....

....witnessed family and friends get married

then divorced...

...made new friends

rekindled old friendships....

...lost jobs

gained jobs...

...built our family one puppy at a time

drank a lot of wine...

...rehabbed a boat

bought a bigger boat...

...fought, laughed, cried, yelled

ran three marathons and many half marathons...

...lived with a roommate

survived a recession...

...learned to love cooking

quit smoking....

...lost our amazing grandmas

started a blog in their namesake...

...became an auntie and uncle..twice

celebrated milestone birthdays - 25, 30, 35...

...survived a terrorist attack and terrorists... is that your boat?

went to Asia...

...traveled to many other far off places

began a new chapter...


In a time of fierce disruption and anxiety, I am trying to look up, look around, and breathe it all in. Change is good. Change is evolution. Change is everything.

I will fondly remember, I will fondly forget, all the things that have happened and things I will never regret. 

For here is where we became we.

And there is where we will become us.

There are no happy endings.
Endings are the saddest part,
so just give me a happy middle
And a very happy start. 




Chaos and Confetti

Life has been chaotic to say the least. Between a hectic work schedule, lots of travel and some exciting life events, I have been struggling to find the calm. 

As I navigate this chaos, I am reminded of something that my first yoga instructor, Baron Baptiste, taught me about equanimity - “The more you can ride out the storms within, the clearer the horizon will be.” Equanimity, by definition, is mental calmness, composure, and evenness in temper, particularly in difficult situations. Easier said then done, right? Work in progress....

Cambridge based artist, Caleb Neelon, created the mural in this post on a wall in Allston (small section outside of Boston) that sits on a very busy road. The beautiful confetti of colors matches the scene -  busy, hectic, and urban. The all white outfit is an attempt to manufacture the ultimate contrast against a sea of bright craziness...much like equanimity in a time of chaos. I think Will and I achieved our mission... what do you think?

Outfit deets for those that want to be in the know:

- Shopbop cami w/ lace detail - HERE

- Zara White suit jacket - sold out, but this one at Nordstrom is cute -HERE

-Zara White Wide Leg Pant - sold out, but this Milly pair is delish - HERE

-Rebecca Minkoff Clutch - HERE

So here I am, just trying to find joy in every moment of the chaos. I will keep the below image of my sweet family close, so I can remember what it's all about in the end.... love, happiness, and iddy biddy beautiful moments!

Have a wonderful, fashionable week,


A Reminder: Love Ourselves

Being comfortable in your own skin comes with age and even then it's a lifelong process.... but I strongly believe that's what makes it worthwhile ...

Seeing our reflection for what it is can be empowering.... 

1. Treat our bodies like a temple: We have one chance to get it right! Eat well, exercise often, and do all things in moderation. Most important thing is to BE HAPPY. Do what you love.

2. Be Positive: A positive mind produces positive results and creates opportunity. Choosing to see the good makes us feel BETTER and thus more comfortable!

3. Look inward: Meditate, be still with ourselves. Sit in silence and own who we are.

4. Find and be ourselves: Truly listening to our gut and "feel" our intrinsic value at the very core.

5. Love our imperfections and except who we are: I have big hair. I have beauty marks all over my body. I lack grace. I don't always say the right thing at the right time. I can be a big bitch to the ones I love. It's powerful to know that these things exist and that we can overcome them. It's powerful to know that we have that power over ourselves. To except our downfalls is to understand that NO ONE is perfect. There is comfort and freedom in that. 

This Bow and Drape sweatshirt says it all. I love that my gal pal Libby shares my affinity for a "Big Hair Don't Care" mentality and bought me this sweatshirt for Christmas. Just one of the reasons she will be my sister wife for life. :o)

(Make your own version here: Bow and Drape)


“To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself.” ~Thich Nhat Hanh

Have a fun, fashionable week,


The Wide Leg

This spring is all about the wide leg denim. So get on the party train!!

Before you dive head first into the wide leg trend here are some nuances and nice-to-knows:

-if you aren't naturally built with daddy long legs , these pants will need tailoring to look perfect

- make sure you bring your heels to the appointment so they get the measurements correct. The length should graze the floor ever so slightly, but still show the front of your shoes

- a nice press down the center creates long, lean lines and draws the eye away from the the hips


A couple of things are at play here...

- Wide leg jeans 

- A fun hat

- Brown/Black together at last

-Spring transition sweater vest

- Fun gold jewelry, like cool midi rings and necklaces that magnify

All different prices and styles - click the # here for the one you like - 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

My outfit details are as follows: Sweater, Madewell on super sale, here / Necklace, Julie Vos sold out but more here / Midi Rings - Hearts On Fire, not out yet / Denim, Anthropologie sold out / Shoes, Jessica Simpson here / Handbag, Sophie Hulme here

have a fun, fashionable week,



March Vibes - Kicking It Old School

Does this sweater look familiar? It's probably because it's sitting in your closet (or your boyfriend/husband's) from the 90's. This sweater was purchased when I was in high school and hasn't aged a day. J.Crew used to make classic pieces (like the rollneck sweater - remember that one?) that we could pass down to future generations. Even though they have become a version of "fast classics" (meaning fall apart or giveaway) this sweater has somehow stood the test of time.

This outfit throwback was perfect for the Harvard campus - both scholastic and New England-y! :o)

I have the J.Crew sweater layered with a chambray button down, turtleneck, and paired with luggage brown accessories like my Sophie Hulme bag, Bryce's belt from 1995, and pumps. The moto pants are H&M and cost all of $25 (find them here). 

After bopping around Harvard Square for awhile, I swapped out my stilettos for my favorite grey pointy flats that match my hat! I was cozy and warm in the sun and thoroughly enjoyed this outfit! Thanks to Will for the amazing shots (as usual).

Have a fun and fashionable week,


OUTFIT DETAILS: Sweater (as I said, old school J.Crew)/Moto Pants (H&M here)/Hat (Primark in-store only)/Bag (Sophie Hulme here)/Brown Stilettos (Jessica Simpson here)/Grey flats (Nicholas Kirkwood here)/Shades (Rayban here)/Accessories (Hearts On Fire not yet released; Loren Stewart Ear Cuffs here)

Inspiration: Menswear, a Brief History

Marlene Dietrich, Audrey Hepburn, Amelia Earhart in the '30s, Katharine Hepburn in the '40s,  and Diane Keaton in the '70s.... all defying gender role norms and all a complete and utter inspiration. 

Throughout much of history, Western women (both European and North American) traditionally lived by strict dress code in which pants were not allowed. In the early 1900's during both World Wars, women were asked to do more physical jobs and therefore pants were a necessity. It was very freeing and women weren't willing to give that up! Coco Chanel was often found wearing her boyfriend's suits so she created a "sportswear" line for women to wear during activities like horseback riding.

In the 30's and 40's the general public was still pretty surprised to see women sporting menswear and actresses like Marlene Dietrich and Katharine Hepburn popularized the trend in a big way. In February of 1933 WWD (Womens Wear Daily) raised the question, "Will women wear trousers?" By the time the May 1939 issue of British Vogue hit the newsstands that question was answered and it was a resounding YES. Yes, we would. 

By the 1960's and 70's wearing pants was completely accepted both in casual and work fashion. The aforementioned women really paved the way for the freedom to express ourselves individually and without gender boundaries. Pretty cool, right? Scroll on down to see my take on this look..... 

Have a fun, fashionable week,



I am a firm believer in being my own person. I think challenging convention is truly important in paving the path to our own personal freedom. Getting "stuck" following the crowd is limiting and creates complacency, but drawing "inspiration" from the crowd is important! The stuck part can be lazy and comfortable - we have all done it! It's so much easier to watch what others are doing and follow suit - sure we all have a human inclination to fit in and be accepted by our friends, family, and peers. My point is that we can accomplish the same thing by becoming "inspirational" to each other!

Whether it's our food choices, travel ideas, clothing purchases, or general life decisions we should strive to be original in our approach and when we syphen cool things from each other we put our own personal spin on it therefore re-creating the "originality" piece all over again - then it becomes a domino effect. We already live in a homogenized, strip-mall, restaurant chain ridden world - who needs more of that! Let's dare to be inspired by each other and not exact replicas! 

THE NECKLACE: I truly love the company - The Giving Keys (here). Their mission is simple - they employ people transitioning out of homelessness. Pay it forward is their credo. Put a message on the recycled vintage keys and when you don't need the words of encouragement anymore, you pass it along to someone who does. LOVE!

This outfit is "inspired" by a Zara look that I love. I am also completely in love with wearing brown and black together. There are a couple tricks to this though -

- treat the brown bits as "pops of neutral" against a relatively black pallet. 

- accessorize using brown leather items

- go for the same "shade" of brown across all pops - belt should match the bag should match the shoes, you know what I am saying!

have a fun, fashionable day and remember... don't be a copy cat, be inspired and in turn, inspire others,


February Goings On

February started off with lots of hustle and bustle! Bryce is at the height of his season and I also have lots of travel coming up all month long. And.... we got snow! And..... it melted! :o) Last year was such a long, cold, tough winter that we deserved a wonderful, long, summer followed by a mellow, mild 2016 winter. Mother Nature is being good to us so far!

The sun setting after 10" fell.....

A snowy training run with these two gals....

A delicious, easy recipe that I have been wanting to try.... soy soaked hard boiled eggs from Momofuku Restaurant in NYC - try it here - you won't regret it!  (trust me I know it looks gross, but I PROMISE it's not!)

Some soulful tunes... 

1. Hello (Reggae Cover) by Conkarah & Rosie Delmah - this is a delightful little version of Adele's Hello

2. Coffee by Se - a tune that my favorite yoga instructor always place, it's uplifting but also mellowing

3. Water Under the Bridge by Adele - the entire album is amazing, but right now this might be my go-to jam

4. Raven's Song by Aaron Embry - he is a stone cold weirdo, but this song is tantalizing, happy, and upbeat. The piano playing is spectacular!

I love a monochromatic grey look... nails, scarf, coat... the list goes on! Grey is the new black - it goes with black or brown or any pop of color you want to include! 

Lots of love and happiness!

Have a fun, fashionable week,


Confidence is the Best Outfit

It was a rainy, dreary Sunday in January. I had just gotten back from a quick trip to NYC. Will and I had planned to shoot regardless of the weather. I look tired in these pictures, but I love the simplicity of the outfit, the comfort of my surroundings, and coziness/color of Will's lighting.

Let's talk about entering 2016 with confidence. Why not? Why wait? Let's make it happen - during tough conversations, difficult moments, work meetings, uncomfortable times. But what are the tricks and tips to feeling more confident in a world where so often we feel the exact opposite. 

1. Stand Tall - our posture speaks volumes. If our bodies are upright and our shoulders back we immediately look stronger, happier, healthier and by default exuding confidence.

2. Change our Environment - Get up, walk around, and change the stimuli in our brains! Studies prove that going to places where we feel creative and happy when we are have low confidence helps! So hit up that coffee shop or go to the park - do something that gives us pleasure!

3. Do something we are good at! Be aware of our strengths and use them everyday. That, coupled with doing something challenging, creates balance and harmony.

4. Reframe. Negative thoughts = low confidence. We must learn to ask ourselves these three simple questions when faced with negativity: how can we make this situation work in our favor? What is the benefit that will come from this? How can we look at this in a more useful way?

5. Breath and Future Thought. Fear and anxiety cause shallow breathing and terrible thoughts. We should intentionally breath deep and visualize positivity. To make this a natural reaction when faced with adversity we must practice - dedicating time to quiet.

These shoes. I just adore them. Butterflies and puppy dogs.... (check here if you want 'em)

I am loving silk scarves this winter. They dress up any outfit. I have a bunch that my grandmother Alice left behind and have also collected several favorites off of The Real Real. The moto faux leather pants are Madewell (old but similar at ShopBop here), Rebecca Taylor slouchy shirt (similar here). Jewelry is Stephen Webster and Hearts On Fire.

Be well. Be ready. Take on 2016 with so much confidence and truthfulness. It's our time to be bold, happy, and positive.




Part Of a Well Balanced Wardrobe: A New Year, a New Recipe: Cauliflower Cake

So it's a new year...and my blogging in 2015 left something to be desired for sure. I was pretty sparse, but for good reason! Life took over! And I am not complaining - it's been fun. 

My focus for the year is three-fold -

- Really and truly learn how to meditate. I started playing with this last year, but have yet to fully commit to the process that it takes to be able to meditate. Lulu Lemon is offering meditation podcasts (check it out here ) on SoundCloud which should be relatively easy to dedicate time to. I already downloaded the app and am primed to go. The research just keeps getting stronger about the health benefits of meditation. Check out the most recent segment from CBS Sunday Morning about the power of meditation - here - kids are doing it in schools, people are escaping plane crashes by using calming techniques. 

- Volunteer! Period. Find one organization that I can be passionate about. I love the town I live in and would be interested in making it better. I ran into a fellow Watertownian while walking with the dogs in the woods the other day and she was telling me about a group that is all about improving the town and increasing awareness about issues that pop up. Soo... I think that might be my first foray into the world of volunteering. My friend Marissa also inspired me - she is always trying to improve herself (not that she needs to, she is pretty great) and volunteering is something she takes seriously! Thanks Mar. I hope I can make a difference too.

- Blog More. Shoot more with Will. Starting tomorrow we will have our first shoot of the year. I am excited to start fresh! We didn't do much last year because life got in the way, but we have made a promise to each other to make it a priority. It's good for both of our creative juices. So stay tuned for some fab shots! 

So usually I post about a tried and true recipe, but this was so good I had to share!! It's been saved in my "New Recipes" folder forever and after the food heaviness of the holidays it was time to eat something light. and this Yotam Ottolenghi Cauliflower Cake is seriously to die for. He is an amazing chef and is known for identifying the correct method of how to cook vegetables in a way that effectively brings out the maximum flavor each one has to offer.

I love me a good crustless quiche and posted my favorite rendition last March (HERE), but I swear by the way I gravitate toward anything that is Israeli or Middle Eastern Mediterranean leads me to believe that I was of that decent in another life! Yotam has many amazing recipes and cook books so don't forget to check him out on Amazon. 

Cauliflower Cake (adapted from the Kitchn blog - I served with a simple shirazi salad)

Serves approx 6-8

1 small cauliflower, outer leaves removed, broken into 1 1/4-inch florets (about 4 cups)
1 medium red onion, peeled (6 ounces)
5 tablespoons olive oil
1/2 teaspoon finely chopped rosemary
7 large eggs
1/2 cup basil leaves, chopped
1 cup all-purpose flour, sifted
1 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
1/3 teaspoon ground turmeric
1 1/2 cups coarsely grated Parmesan or another aged cheese
Melted unsalted butter, for brushing
1 tablespoon white sesame seeds
1 teaspoon nigella seeds (also known as black caraway) - can be hard to find, but the ones I got on amazon were awesome and came fast - order here)
1 tsp Salt and a nice amount of black pepper


Preheat the oven to 400°F.

Place the cauliflower florets in a saucepan and add 1 teaspoon salt. Cover with water and simmer for 15 minutes, until the florets are quite soft. They should break when pressed with a spoon. Drain and set aside in a colander to dry.

Cut 4 round slices, each 1/4-inch/5-mm thick, off one end of the onion and set aside. Coarsely chop the rest of the onion and place in a small pan with the oil and rosemary. Cook for 10 minutes over medium heat, stirring from time to time, until soft. Remove from the heat and set aside to cool. Transfer the onion to a large bowl, add the eggs and basil, whisk well, and then add the flour, baking powder, turmeric, Parmesan, 1 teaspoon salt, and plenty of pepper. Whisk until smooth before adding the cauliflower and stirring gently, trying not to break up the florets.

Line the base and sides of a 9 1/2-inch/24-cm springform cake pan with parchment paper. Brush the sides with melted butter, then mix together the sesame and nigella seeds and toss them around the inside of the pan so that they stick to the sides and create a "crust". Pour the cauliflower mixture into the pan, spreading it evenly, and arrange the reserved onion rings on top. Place in the center of the oven and bake for 45 minutes, until golden brown and set; a knife inserted into the center of the cake should come out clean. Remove from the oven and leave for at least 20 minutes before serving. It needs to be served just warm, rather than hot, or at room temperature.


Serve with a quick Shirazi salad - tomatoes, cucumbers, yellow onions, parsley, any other herbs/spices you want to throw in, salt/pepper, a dash of olive oil, some of your favorite vinegar and mix. 


And that's it! Simple and delish. I had leftovers for a whole week's worth of lunches and even Bryce said that we need to put it into the dinner rotation! Win overall! A couple adjustments I would make to this recipe.... even though the onion rings look so pretty on top of the cake I would prefer an even distribution across the top in separate rings. Additionally, I didn't have full amount of fresh basil required so I added parsley. And the results were tasty! 

Happy New Year and share what you are focusing on for 2016! Hopefully it's always happniess, health, and love!



Summer, In Reflection

Summer has been good to us. After a long, arduous winter we deserved sunny, hot, humid days filled with blue skies and puffy clouds. Gorgeous sunset after gorgeous sunset and one perfect sunrise from the boat... an amazing New England week spent in Charlestown, RI, a blue moon to close the month of July and a full, yellow one that brought August out with a bang. Both equally beautiful. It went fast at all the right moments and slow just when the universe needed it to. 

I took the last two months off from blogging. I am pretty much the world's most inconsistent blogger to begin with and I have become OK with that over the last couple years. I just do what I can, when I can! Embrace life and regret nothing!

With that said, Will and I did manage to squeeze one shoot in this summer. It was intended to be easy breezy proved to be just that! As we head into Fall I will be sharing some key pieces to add to your wardrobe and even some that you should seriously consider retiring, but for now, let's just pay homage to this amazing, spectacular summer by looking through some highlights from our day on Peddocks Island.

What a cute little picnic Will, Joanna, Bryce, and I had on Peddocks Island (where Shutter Island was filmed)! We had cheese, meat, hummus and of course - MIMOSAS in Chandon's cool striped summery bottle! The Beach People blanket in these pics stole the show this season - it was my absolute fave splurge (but more on that later). The picnic basket was a gift from my bro and SIL a couple years ago for Christmas and it's awesome - has silverware and stemware! Perfect for this kind of spread.

The Beach People blanket is $99. It's worth every penny. An Australian company I discovered online - I fell in love with their patterns, the round shape, and the fringe! It's just perfect and such a great gift idea! Their whole vibe will keep you wishing for an endless summer!

I haven't embraced a one-piece bathing suit in years, so I stepped out of my comfort zone and gave it a whirl. It wasn't the perfect fit, but I love the simplicity of the back. It's JCrew - they have a good selection HERE.

Such a bummer that I lost this white dress on a bach wknd in NH, but at least it was Zara on sale and only cost $19! I tried to reorder it, but it was popular at that price and totally sold out. It did, however, teach me the importance of the perfect summer white dress. Stock up for NEXT summer here (and they are on sale)!

This dress! It was a wonderful $25 spent. You can still get it on a website called Choies - HERE. I have it layered with a lace tube top because it's VERY open, but it's lovely and fun and COMFORTABLE!!! I love all the shots Will got of me wearing it around Peddocks.

I will miss you dear, sweet summer, in all of your glory! Your remaining days may be fleeting, but I will put every single sun-drenched memory in my winter coat pocket!

xoxo always and forever,


3 Ways To Stop & Smell The Roses

Death always happens in threes, right? Well we had several losses in our extended family over the last couple of weeks and it's a startling reminder that life is short. My 2015 posts have mostly been about embracing the small moments and spending time with loved ones as as much as possible.

Last weekend I noticed that my rose bush had flowers on it and I got so excited. It has such a short life cycle so I always try to cut them and enjoy their gorgeous fragrance in the house. This time (and I know how silly and cliche it sounds) when I cut the roses I got teary-eyed thinking of the people we lost. To remember to stop and smell the roses is a tough thing to think about on a daily basis, but when we lose people the silver lining is that it gives us pause. That reminder alone is so important and such a lovely thing to think about. Yeah, death SUCKS and that won't change. I am taking this time to say these are the things I love: the people in my life and the little moments that often fly by in a blink. 

Before I get down to it, let me introduce you to the star of this show: THE ROSE MIDI SKIRT from Mindy Mae's Market. You can find it here for a grand total of $39.99!! It is so versatile and although I would use the words bold, loud, and bright to describe it I think that any gal willing to give this a whirl can completely OWN it!!! Here I give you three ways to work it!


With the city as our backdrop, Will and I got down to it one beautiful spring day. Seen here with an Asos crop top and SJP heels, I kicked it up a notch by keeping it super mellow and conservative up top in a simple white top, but then adding some more pink to the bottom. One can never have too much pink, right? SJP heels (TTS): HERE and Asos top HERE (sold in a two pack w/ a black one as well).

So many fun jewels - Hearts On Fire Lorelei ring HERE and a mixture of Pura Vida bracelets, Tai bracelets and a fun, but old Vale rose gold cuff. I like to mix/match for texture. Also, the Rebecca Minkoff bag is such a staple - find it HERE. My denim jacket has also been a lifesaver this spring with the fluctuating temps - it's J.Crew (HERE).


I know what you are thinking - seriously? Stripes w/ flowers? Who does that? I actually like to play with print, but in a very subtle way. It could be way more intense then this, but I chose a very subdued black and white classic stripe to pair with this bold skirt. I am also loving the off-the-shoulder look right now. This one is from Zara and it's pretty fantastic for $15.95. I adore it!

Alright so the DVF shoes are a bit much and I recognize that they won't be right for everyone, but they are super comfortable and have a fantastic gold heel (that you can't see). Sold out everywhere unfortunately! 


I love a cropped top. But only when it is worn in a conservative way. What does that mean? It means not showing your midriff - connecting the top with the bottom so it's resting fabric on fabric. GIRLS - you don't have to tell all of your secrets - be DISCREET.  

The top is another Asos purchase (HERE) - it's only $9 and has a fabulously open back. It will be perfect to wear over a swimsuit or with any kind of high-waisted skirt! 

Tell the people in your life how much they mean! And stop to smell whatever flower it is that you call your favorite....  Don't wait. It all goes by in a blink, after all.

have a fun, fashionable week,


Finding Beauty in the Quiet Moments

I just got back from 12 days in Vegas. My brain is fried and my body tired of all that place represents. Now don't get me wrong - I had a blast. Probably too much fun a couple nights. 

I realized something special while I was there. Amidst all of the hard work, the people that I call my friends are truly special and unique in their own way. It's pretty amazing when you can return home and feel like your job was equal parts work, laughter, smiles, and omg... fun! 

Bohemian Chic Outfit Details... feeling wholesome and relaxed!

Zara and JCrew kinda outfit - Zara skirt (here), Zara off the shoulder top (here only $15!!) and JCrew Denim jacket with Jcrew flip flops (on sale!) (here and here)

Two days after I returned home to Boston, I got on a train bound for NYC (for a hot second) and found myself overstimulated and very frustrated with the amount of people that were running around haphazardly outside Penn Station. It gave me so much angst that I couldn't wait to get off the street and away from the craze. Typically I love the energy on the streets of NYC, but that day I wanted to be anywhere but there. 

I have yet to spend anytime recouping (as seen by the two martinis I drank last night) and I am in desperate need of it.  I like to call it "Finding the quiet" which is super important for the following: 

- striking balance between worlds

- eating clean, organic, and minimal ingredient foods

- sweating it out; moving as much as possible to get out the kinks

- reconnecting to ourselves, our loved ones (human or furry), and our surroundings

- making sure our "house" (both proverbial and literal) is in order; messy house, messy mind; clean house, clean mind

- breathing in fresh air, long walks in nature

So, that's the goal for the weekend - to find "my quiet". I may not reach all of the above, but I will put in quite the effort to get there. 

Have a fun, fashionable Thursday,


Pink, White, and Blue: A Nautical Memorial Day

If any of you follow me on Instagram you will know that I am not by the ocean this Memorial Day weekend. I am, in fact, in the dry desert of Las Vegas for work. Back in Boston it's supposed to be in 80's (which is the perfect temp for boating!) and I hope my New England buddies (including the hubby) take full advantage of the warm sunshine - I am so jealous! 

Will (of Will Mann Photography) and I shot these down in the Seaport of Boston. We often cruise through here on the boat all summer, but it's also beautiful by land. The Seaport has quickly become one of my favorite parts of Boston and as it continues to build it just keeps getting better. More restaurants, more bars, more commerce... it used to be untapped real estate and now it's a goldmine. The City is doing a nice job creating buildings that fit into the overall landscape of the city and the are maintaining the integrity of buildings that are historical and important. 

If you are interested in reading more about the Rise of the Seaport - check out these articles (some of which date back to 2012) - we all cursed the Big Dig and it will forever be something our city has to overcome, but without it the Seaport wouldn't be where it is now! 

The Rise Of the Seaport - 2012 article with schematics/future look and feel of the Seaport

Popularity of Land - bidding wars over parking garages and any vacant spaces in Fort Point Channel 

The Next Big Thing - The Seaport Square will have restaurants, shops, and housing! 

Outfit details - Super classic and nautical inspired w/ navy and white stripes, a simple denim jacket and pops of pink. I do love navy and pink together....  Zara Turtleneck Dress (sold out, but a ton of similar styles here) /  SJP Pink Shoes (here) /  Rebecca Minkoff Bag (here)  /  J.Crew Denim Jacket (here) 30% off right now! /  Rayban Aviators (here)

Memorial Day is an opportunity to live the way all those who died wanted us to. Freely and happily. So do that!

This weekend is such a nice way to commence the summer even though technically we have a little more time on the calendar until the solstice actually hits. For me, it always conjures memories of warm sunshine, smiles, parades, softball uniforms, bands playing patriot music, grilling hot dogs and hamburgers and most importantly spending time with family/friends. I hope that wherever you are in the world you are doing something that makes your soul feel good. 


Enjoy the long weekend!!!


Prioritizing and Balancing: 5 Easy Ideas!

This is a busy time of year for me at work, so I am really making an effort to find moments to bask in the blue skies and sunshine of the spring. In general, my goal as a working woman is to always strive for balance. My firm belief is that true and real balance equals happiness and health, which, in my opinion, also means less stress! The golden ticket question is: HOW DO WE GET TO BALANCE???

If you talk to some high level execs, they don't believe in work-life balance. Take Sheryl Sandberg (author of Lean In) for example; she says: "So there is no such thing as work life balance. There is work, and there's life, and there's no balance." I simultaneously agree and disagree with her, respectfully. What do I mean? I do think work-life balance is a mountain/valley cycle. Depending on the workload it can be easier/harder to execute. Which is why I think ultimately it's less about balancing and more about prioritizing....

Easier said then done, right? Life gets in the way - the mail stacks up, the house chores are overwhelming, too many emails, texts, phone calls to make, the grocery shopping, the obligations for this and that.... and the list goes on!  Truth is that balance is something you create by prioritizing, not something you just "find" on the side of the road....

Here are 5 easy ways to re-think balance and health in your life:

1. Do one thing at a time with full presence. In this age of technology we multi-task to a point of being the Jack/Jane of all trades and the master of none. Spending time mastering one thing gives a feeling of fulfillment that you can't get from doing multiple things all the time.

2. Nurture relationships with family and friends. Close your eyes and think about the best day you have had in a long time... think about the people that were there and the conversations that you had.... How happy did you feel? Did your face hurt from smiling? Did you think about the office at all? Probably not! The lesson is that even when you are "exhausted" and "too busy" to hang out with friends/family, still do it! It will re-energize and re-invigorate you. 9x's out of 10 these people love and prioritize you!!

3. Leave the past where it belongs, in the past! So often an incident will happen at work and I will dwell on it to a point where I over-think and over-analyze instead of just letting it go. Breathe deep and move on!! There is freedom in it, I promise!

4. Find time to be grateful. I have said this before, but 3 things. That's it. Every day - 3 things. Being grateful equates to being mindful.... even if your mind is full. (goes back to #1, above)

5. BREATHE. Breathing deep relaxes the mind and body. It creates harmony between your two worlds and makes you realize that it's not worth it to get so out of balance/harmony/rhythm!

This outfit is so happy and perfectly represents the sunshine and blue skies that I hope all of you find as adults navigating this complicated, grown-up world we live in. It's short, so we need to maximize every second and not get bogged down in the daily grind. 

I wish you a life filled with the right priorities and ultimately, balance!

Have a fun, fashionable day,



ASOS Blue Floral Dress  (HERE)   /   Zara Yellow Heels (HERE)   /   J. Crew Yellow Belt (similar HERE)  / Hearts On Fire Lorelei Domed Right Hand Ring and Stacked Bands (HERE and HERE)


Antigua for Two: The Ultimate R&R

In an effort to "make time" for each other in this busy, work-filled, and travel-centric life we lead, Bryce and I decided that a quick getaway was the ideal way to connect a string of uninterrupted moments together.

When his season ended we made last minute plans to scoot down to the island of Antigua. My parents had gone there back in the late 80's, so what little we knew of this spot in the British West Indies was from their very fond memories. 

Before I dive into the details, I want to highlight three of my top takeaways from the trip:

- Disconnecting means two things: the literal translation and the figurative. First, we did not have any TV or Phone access the entire trip and it was the best thing that could have happen. Second, it was the perfect opportunity to loosen up, laugh, drink, soak up the sun, and reconnect with each other. The days seemed longer and more fulfilling...

- Beauty in nature has a direct connection to the beauty inside all of us. When we are in a gorgeous place and happy in our surroundings it allows us to feel the same!

- Love is all around us. Whether it was watching couples interact lovingly, the Antiguan staff's smiles and helpful attitude, my morning scrambled eggs coming out in the shape of a heart, or guests leaving food out for all of the pharrell cats... people are kind and generous and have full, open hearts. It was refreshing and definitely something to emulate! 

We stayed at a placed called COCOS HOTEL (here) which is a small, boutique style, 30-cottage resort that is for adults only (sorry kids!). Without further delay, here are the pics of our journey! 

After a quick flight from Boston to Miami to Antigua, we navigated through customs, through the tiny island airport, and into our even tinier rental car. The roads in Antigua are really something special! The drainage system is totally exposed and therefore the sides of the road are just like little cliffs and not to mention the potholes. We are pretty sure that we returned the car with one less hubcap! :o) It was all worth it when we arrived at COCOS. This was our first view. 

COCOS is built into a hill with a beach on either side. There is some walking involved to get to our cottage, but man was it worth it every time. This is the way to our private Sunset Cottage.... (every time we rounded this corner and went down the stairs I said, "It gets me every time" and it's true..it did. Does it get you too?

Our cottage was pretty special. It faced west so we saw a gorgeous sunset every night (more on that later). It was rustic island chic at its best. It consisted of a bathroom, outdoor double shower, a bedroom with mosquito netting surrounding the canopy bed and a large sun porch. Impeccable and effortless. Every night we slept with the french doors and windows open so we could hear the ocean waves crash and echo underneath our porch. I bottled that sound so right now (as I type) I am closing my eyes so I can hear it... ahhh...

We spent a lot of time in our cottage because COCOS stocks it with your choice of booze and of course we made a MONSTER music playlist and brought our Nixon Mini Blaster Blaster... instant party! Plus with this view, why not?? 

Life's bucket list will include an outdoor shower... especially after this experience. Anytime we get stressed, B and I know say, "Antigua Shower" because it brings us back to the zen moments we spent there looking out over the water, watching the sun set, and the breeze roll over us.

Oh and the towel animals were so fun...

And the food.... all locally sourced from farms close to Cocos - it was delish and varied (well not the Cornados or the frog but he was too cute not to include)! And the drinks - YUMM!

The trip was a nice blend of relaxation and touristy sightseeing. COCOS is located in Jolly Harbour which is one of the most beautiful spots on the island. We rented a car so we could go out and explore. Some of the spots we recommend are:

-Jolly Harbour (where we stayed) had some fun little spots and a little slice of local living. Our first night on the island we walked the beach and went into the little village with brightly colored houses. We had our first Dark and Stormies of the trip and we saw a dog chillaxin' on a roof. 

- English Harbour where we learned all about how Antigua was discovered and when it became independent. We also visited Nelson's Dockyard and saw the most beautiful, big sailboats ever. The views! The colors! The Dark & Stormies!

- OJ's is another spot not to miss. Not only is the food totally worth it, but so is the scenery. Take a look at all of the shells they use to decorate and the color of the water! 

- Boat Rental. We talked about renting a boat the whole time we were there and as the week was coming to a close we decided that we definitely wanted to do it. In true Island fashion the rental facility was super laid back and within walking distance to our resort. Bryce was so excited to captain a boat in International waters! It was quite an experience. We were a little nervous because the boat didn't have GPS and there are shoals and rocky points that only a trained captain would be able to navigate, so we took it slow and followed other boater's lead on a lot of things. We went to Cades Reef where we dropped anchor and despite the wind, enjoyed some beers and good music! Funny thing is as we were pulling out of Jolly Harbour the Billy Joel song, Downeaster Alexa fortuitously came on! It was meant to be. What an experience!

A view of our cottage from the boat... ours was the first one on the beach...

This is the entire resort... 

 What would my post be without some outfit pics? I packed a carry-on with:

- island-ready dresses!

-bikinis and UV shirts (of course)

-beach cover-ups

-running gear (I ran every morning on the beach and then did yoga on the porch - amazing)

- oh and one pair of flip flops! 

One thing I wish I could have brought home from Antigua is the beach-y and curly hair I had the whole time! It was amazing...

My favorite dress of all time (originally seen here on this blog) that I have in three colors deserves a little highlight! Here it is in navy.... with a pop of pink flower in my hair!

Music is a huge part of our lives, so the trip wouldn't have been complete without lots of good tunes - a mixture of upbeat, mellow, classics, and reggae. Our little Nixon Mini Blaster (buy here) is the easiest thing to pack and works off of bluetooth! So anyone can connect.

Whenever we hear the following we will think of our time in Antigua:

SHOW ME - Bruno Mars - reggae in a Bruno Mars-y way!

We Can't Stop - Miley Cyrus - we just like it.

Ghostown - Madonna - new album, so good!

Shots - Imagine Dragons - mellow but uplifting

Anything by Asgeir or Vancouver Sleep Clinic!!

And books... I read three on the trip:

Do Your Om Thing - by Rebecca Pacheco (here) - this book is written by one of my favorite Boston yoga teachers. I take her class every Thursday evening and I love it. Her book is no different. It's not about the end goal, it's about the journey. Perfect.

It Was Me All Along - by Andie Mitchell (here) - a local Boston girl struggles with weight and tells her story. My favorite message in the book is that it's all about taking one moment and one day at a time. Breathe through it! 

Yoga Girl - by Rachel Brathen (here) - I finished this in one day because it's so easy to fall in love with Rachel and her bohemian lifestyle. When I grow up, I want to be her! :o)

Last, but certainly not least - the sunsets. I don't need to say anymore.

A video of the sunset from our cottage on our last night in paradise! Until next time, Cocos!

When we were researching places to go, one of the reviews we read said that the average person returns to COCOS 15x's in their life. I remember us scoffing at that because we enjoy traveling to different places, but by the end, when our skin was sunkissed, our bodies relaxed, minds free,  hearts full, and bags packed to go home, we looked at each other and said - "We get it. We will be back". 

Love you B - thanks for the best trip ever! xoxo

Have a fun, fashionable day and book a trip to COCOS!


Navy and Yellow 2 Ways (with a side of philosophy)

It probably goes without saying, but this winter was really rough. Between the snow, the cold temps, and the eternal darkness, we deserve a bright, sunshine-filled spring full of warmth and outdoor time.

What the dark days did bring for me is a need for creating space. Space in my heart and in my mind. After pouring over a couple of wonderful yoga books in March I decided to take action. To do three things every day that seem so simple, but have the ability to put so much light into my life: 

- Be Grateful. My yoga teacher wrote a book called Do Your Om Thing (buy here) and in it she recommends keeping a journal of three things we are grateful for every day. I adopted the idea and each evening after I wash my face and kiss the pups good night, I write down three items that brought joy into my life. It allows me to wind down and reflect on all of the good that exists, even in the simple things like my morning latte. :o)

- Do yoga every damn day. This doesn't mean sweat in a 90 minute class with crazy moves, it's much simpler. Just focus on one position each day. In doing so, I have learned patience with myself and in turn, fallen in love with the process. Fall in love with whatever your process is or means.

- Find quiet. For those that know me, you must know this is a difficult one! :o) Quiet time is good for the soul and acts as a recharge. 

Okay okay... I get it - you didn't ask for a side of philosophy, now let's get down to the fashion details! :o)

My favorite colors for spring are navy and yellow. I like the way navy grounds outfits in a timeless, classic, "quiet" way while yellow adds intrigue and fun. Here I do it two ways: work day appropriate and casual chic.

Next to the snow piles you will notice the darkness melting away in the sunlight.... and my heart becoming more grateful, open, and accepting...

Work Day Outfit:

J. Crew #2 Pencil Skirt: HERE on sale for $88

Zara Navy Striped Button Down: HERE for $49.90

Zara Yellow Heels: HERE for $99.00 - they are the STAR of this whole post!!! 

Rebecca Minkoff bag: HERE for details

Will and I shot on the one day in late February that happened to be in the mid-30's....scratch the surface and it's not hard to tell that there is still lots of snow on the ground. :o) He captured some very candid moments during this session and I appreciate it! Damn he is good - make sure you are following him on instagram and checking out his website from time to time - so talented. @williammannphotography and http://www.wmannphotography.com/

Throw the same Zara shoes and shirt on with some slouchy boyfriend jeans (these are Joes), a cute, socially responsible handbag, and a Nixon leather band watch (here). Done and done. 

So I know that I went off on a tangent in the beginning and I apologize for the soap box moment, but I think it's important to remember that life is a process and in order to make progress, we must do things to open our minds and hearts..... ultimately that will be how we find happiness and warmth. Breathe in life, breathe out negativity! 

Let that sunshine in, people! Spring is here!!

have a fun, fashionable (and perhaps soulful) day,