Lions and Tigers and Bears - OH MY!

I don't know about you, but every morning when I sit down to the computer I am greeted by a flurry of emails that came through overnight. One of which is ALWAYS DailyCandy. It's a nice sampling of things that are going on in Boston and in the online world. About 6 months ago the Daily started a discounted site called Swirl. They always have offbeat interesting brands to showcase. You have to sign up to get access, but it's worth it because every now and again they have some random cool pieces. Like today for example....Swirl is featuring a scarf company called La Fiorentina for 55% off! What I really dig about their designs is the animal's very neutral and not "in your face".....I am all about treading lightly with trends like this. There are some cases where people go overboard and it becomes "streetwalker-esque". Sign up and get on to check out these designs - really fun and very affordable (starting at $39)....these are two of my fave designs they are offering!