Fresh Design for an Old Concept

Even though my grandmother, Alice, has been gone for several years, I can still picture her handwriting as if she wrote me a letter yesterday. The art of hand writing a thank-you note has long been buried under the piles of email that we send and receive every day. To capture the spirit of the beautiful written word and keep it alive, the website offers simple options for personalized stationary, wedding cards, thank-you notes, save the dates, and holiday photo cards. I love the vintage feel on thick card stock with soft cut corners and a retro yet modern design element. Just think of the recipient, the lucky person who is on the other end of this gorgeous will create a memory for them and have the potential to fill their scrapbook with your words!! How cool is that? It is pretty safe to say that all of those emails will inevitably and undeniably end up in the great big world of cyber junk, but cards, cards last a lifetime. Perk: 15% off almost everything on their site using the code instyle15 at