A Stolen Idea: Monogram Pendant

My birthday was at the beginning of July and my parents and in-laws were kind enough to give me gifts of the paper kind (thank you parents!). Some of it I did practical things with....and some of it, well, some of it I spent on the "K" Monogram pendant from a fabulous little company called the Julie Collection. I did not arrive at this idea myself....it was absolutely stolen from a New Yorker.Last week I was at a product presentation for Hearst Company in Manhattan. Hearst owns all of the big books: Esquire, Harper's Bazaare, Cosmo, and the list goes on. One of the editors had this unreal pendant on and of course I had to comment! After walking her through our product line and marveling at her pendant, I realized I could not let her leave without finding out where she got it. First let me set the scene: she was super cute with a fantastic navy top on, skinny cargo pants, and fantastic wedges. Her pendant (a "J" for Jessica) was sitting just below her bust line in yellow gold on that perfect navy backdrop. So I asked her where it came from.....and she told me that she stole the idea from a friend. I knew that the "pay it forward" theme would continue after I purchased the pendant and posted it on here.

So, let me tell you about the Julie Collection Monogram pendant. This company is very special and really shows you how happy they are that you purchased an item from their line. When I opened the package today I was pleasantly greeted by this sweet orange and green Asian inspired pouch. Enclosed was a thank you note showing their deep appreciation as well as a care card explaining the genetic makeup of the pendant. Hanging from a 28 inch chain was the simple, yet chic 24kt gold plated "K". Listen, I know that the monogram look has taken its trip around the block, but I still think it is relevant and when the look takes a trendy twist on a long chain it truly is a step toward cool! I can't wait to wear this as a stand alone piece or stacked with other pendants/chains! Check back later this week to see the necklace in action!!