Asparagi Verdi: Part of a Well Balanced Wardrobe

Ohhhh Asparagi Verdi how I love thee! Short and sweet tonight, guys! You have to try this quick and easy recipe for Asparagi Verdi. I had it at a lovely little Italian bottega in NYC on 59th between 5th and Madison on the upper east side (Bottega del Vino). Pure delight! I figured that this must be quick and easy to throw together, so tonight I did just that! I had already hard boiled some eggs on Monday night in preparation for the week, so this literally took all of 2 minutes to put on a plate and get in my belly! My husband truly enjoyed it too, although he added some balsamic vinegar about mid-way through....which is fine! I encourage you to take this to great heights and use what I have done as a basis of a clean, simple, beautiful salad. Also, tomatoes are at the peak of ripeness, so take advantage of this time.....and use them as much as possible!

kiki's Asparagi Verdi:

(serves 2, easy enough to adapt to more)

Asparagus (one bundle)

2 Tomatoes (preferably yummy heirloom ones cut in 4 wedges per plate, but as seen above I only had grape - I am a big believer in using what you have in your kitchen!)

2 hard boiled eggs

Olive Oil (don't skimp here! This is one of the most important staples in your kitchen, so spend the $$ and buy a good one!)

Sea Salt crushed

Cracked Pepper

Directions: Flash steam your asparagus and I really mean just that. You want these guys crisp and fresh with full gorgeous natural flavor. When done, run immediately under cold water to stop the cooking process. Put aside. Cut your tomatoes (whatever kind you are using). Put aside. Drizzle olive oil on your individual plate. Sprinkle a little salt and pepper. Put your tomatoes on the side of the plate. Add your asparagus in a "fiber" pattern across from your tomatoes. Carefully slice your egg width wise and lay over the top of your veggies. Drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle (to your liking) with sea salt and pepper. Just remember, get one piece of each in every bite - you will notice the balance and life that they give one another. Serve w/ a hearty baguette and your fave bottle of wine!!! Eat and enjoy a well balanced wardrobe.