Help ladies! One of the bigger events my company puts on every year in Vegas is coming up and I am scrambling to get my outfits ready. I have two weeks, but they are jammed with commitments and a FL trip, so my process of packing (will come in a post soon) needs to start now. Two of the evenings events are a little on the "Vegas Chic" side which has a fun and slightly dressy flair. Now let me get to the point.....I NEED ADVICE.

I received this BCBG dress in the mail from Bloomies yesterday and I am not sure what to think. It is completely out of the norm in terms of the pattern which happens to resemble a Jackson Pollock painting. I love the fit - it has a drop waist with kind of a high neckline and flowy in the mid-section, but short and tight in the lower region with fab pockets and pleating in all of the right places.

I think I can work it with heels or flats - added bonus - but will I wear it again? One place to wear a sassy dress is definitely VEGAS!

To keep or not to keep? That is the question. Tags are still on....could send this one packing!

Kind of loving the black/white splatter flowing into color in the lower region and tied at the drop waist with a same fabric belt.......

So, how do you guys make these decisions? Do you think that being outside of your element every once in awhile is really important?

Desperately Seeking BCBG advice....

xoxo kiki