Monogram Mayhem

 monograms have been around since the days of Grecian coins and also decorated great kings/queens as a symbol of their monarchies. we may not be in Greece and we may not have royalty running through our veins, but that doesn't mean that we can't show love for our family pride.... jewelry company Sarah Chloe provides the perfect opportunity to highlight your pride in mixed metal types (which I love, especially the rose gold)... this isn't the first time you have seen monogrammed jewelry - the Julie Collection also has beautiful pieces and you first saw it here.
Lana Ring - $108.00
Ella Bangles - $98.00 (my personal fave)

 wishbones with a little hint of sparkle for $59.00

it's the holidays, so drop your hints now! these pendants will look lovely layered with special pieces in your jewelry box...