Canadian Tuxedo No More!

I know what you are thinking. Quite the hiatus, lady. You are correct. Life has thrown me some very positive curve balls in the last 6 months and has hindered me from doing something I love - BLOGGING! So, Lillian and Alice is back, although it will be a slow go seeing as life is still running pretty fast, but I can promise that at least once a week I will give you a little slice of my faves....

This week it's all about the Chambray/Denim shirt, formerly known as the top portion of a Canadian Tuxedo... think of it as your new white t-shirt. A basic, that when worn correctly, is simple and easy as well as timeless and classic!

 In honor of Jenna Lyons, J.Crew Denim Shirt is the perfect pick to achieve this look.
Here is an Affordable Chambray Shirt that will look so sweet with the sleeves rolled up to your elbows!

Love this one!
Best men's picks here and here

Just a couple of tips (come's me! You knew they were coming!):

  • Denim vs. Chambray: Denim is a coarse, twill cloth, heavier than chambray, which is a light weight fabric with colored warp and white filling yarns (essentially a lightweight, lighter colored denim).
  • Picking the right denim wash can be tough, weigh out your options by looking at your jean wardrobe. What color jeans do you gravitate toward? If it's dark, go with a lighter chambray so you can wear them together and have the necessary contrast to make the outfit work. 
  • For fun, go ultra fem on the bottom, perhaps even throw on a sequin skirt for the ultimate juxtaposition!
  • Color jeans or printed pants are naturally complimentary
  • Wear it like a cardigan, open over a dress or pants. Wear it as a light jacket on chilly spring nights paired with a scarf!
  • Remember think of this as your new white tee and wear it to the office! It will "work" hard for you and add depth to your everyday wardrobe.

If there is one piece you are considering adding to your spring wardrobe, let this be it!