Soundbites: Week 1

Typically I plan my outfits out a week in advance, but last week I took a challenge and planned out 4 weeks worth of outfits! There are a couple of reasons why I did this: 1.) It was fun! 2.) It is ridiculously time-saving 3.) It helps organize my life by setting outfits aside because this is also an opportunity to weed through the forgotten clothes in the back of my closet (as well as those that can go in the "good-will" pile).

If you want to attempt this, (and I recommend you do) try it for at least a week (time-saving alone is worth it). Here is what you will need:
- a separate place to put your outfits outside of your closet and preferably outside of your main bedroom. You need the space! (I use a rolling rack and put it in the spare bedroom)
- sticky notes and a pen to jot down "accessory notes" (see below)
- your creativity!

You will have to excuse my photography, it's done with a point and click and although the sophistication level of a beautiful camera isn't there, I think it still gets the message across for now.....

DAY 1: I get more use out of this skirt then I ever thought I would! It's a pleated faux leather skater skirt (similar  here).This is also a serious risk vs. reward outfit. I didn't know how to feel about a tucked in sweater until now. I officially love it. Chic and simple, but really makes you think differently about the boring old sweaters sitting on your closet shelf. The one I am wearing is from J.Crew, a gift from my mom a couple years ago (similar here).
I layered three necklaces (my gram's long pearls, Jewelmint chain necklace, and a porcupine necklace from H&M. As you can see above - the note I wrote for this hanger was "tucked in" to remind myself of the inspiration I had when putting the outfit together. If you do these far enough in advance the notes will come in handy! If you are anything like me you won't remember your intention after the first week!

DAY 2: A J.Crew maxi skirt in a flowing, soft material (similar here) paired with a "tough" leather moto jacket (similar here). Hair done in a bohemian braid. Jewelry collected over the years (similar bracelet here and pendant here).

DAY 3: Zara sweater dress paired with Splendid layering tee. I have one in a bunch of colors because they are so versatile and are built to last (buy at Shopbop). Faux leather leggings (similar here). Belt is J.Crew (similar here). Bangles from C. Wonder (similar here). Oxfords are a new find from ShoeMint. Foley and Corina handbag in nude (here).

Pink Joie top that I scored for an amazing 65% off on a Cusp mid-day dash. Zara leopard inlay pants (similar here). Jennifer Zeuner Rose Gold Wishbone Pendant was a gift from my in-laws and it's a staple - I wear it all the time layered with other pendants. Stacked bracelets from Etsy (similar here), Rebecca Taylor Rose Gold Nail Bangle (no longer available), and Love bracelet (similar here). Jessica Simpson Black + Gold shoes (similar here) and J.Crew gold belt (a great staple for the wardrobe, similar here).

Ahhh Casual Friday...gotta love it. Canadian Tuxedo Shirt (here from J.Crew), Cargo pants (similar here), J. Crew sweater (similar here), Nixon Rose Gold Watch (here), Rebecca Taylor nail bracelet, and Vintage Pearl bracelet made by my lovely cousin-in-law, Brooke (see her Etsy page here for other fun treats). My dog is not for sale, but he's awfully cute, isn't he?

Week 2 will be complete before we know. Always be thrifty - my motto is that outfits should be a mix of high/low - it can be a challenge, but that's what makes it worth it! 

Have a fun, fashionable Monday,