Jamaican Me Crazy: Build an Outfit

This past week was one of the most challenging I have ever been through, but amidst the fear, shock, and terror, I witnessed so much humanity, kindness, and love. I have been deeply impacted from beginning to end - running in the Boston Marathon and being on the course when the bombs hit followed by 24 hours of explosions, gunfire, and sirens filling the air of my little town called Watertown. It did end positively, victoriously, and with a deep, simultaneous sigh of utter relief. This hell is not over for a lot of the victims who will still need much time to heal and I will keep them in my prayers, my runs, and my heart forever.

It is with a guilty feeling that I prepare for my vacation with Bryce. We are headed to Jamaica for a quick getaway. I laid out some of my clothes tonight for the trip and all the while thought, does this really matter? What I am doing? And once again, does it really matter? I came to the conclusion that yes, yes it does. We cannot live in fear - "they" will not get to us and crush our spirits. We are STRONG. We are ONE. We are BOSTON. As a resident of this amazing city since 1998, I can honestly say that this week made me realize that I am a true Bostonian and that will never change and I am DAMN proud of it. 

With that said, I wanted to share some light on an otherwise dark week by posting what embodies this blog - an escape to fashion and fun. Here is a glimpse of what I plan on wearing everyday in Jamaica. Montego Bay - you have a couple pale Bostonians heading your way! Get the sunblock and pina coladas ready......

Jamaican Me Crazy.jpg

THE Bathing Suit - The Star of the outfit! A Splendid suit fits like a glove and I plan on being in this every day for the 5 days we are in Jamaica. Love the bandeau because there are no tan lines!

Panama Hat - Scored this hat last summer and went through 2 of them! The salt water from the boat does some damage, but nothing is going to bring back those sunspots I have worked so hard to get rid of this past winter! Sunblock and a hat, baby!

Mexican Tunic - Just gorgeous, airy, summery, and love the bright colors! Perfect as a beach cover-up

Pura Vida Bracelets - Stack 'em high. I love these bracelets and wear them all summer long...great price and the company gives back to the community that creates them! Win/Win.

Beach Bag - key to a great travel beach bag is its ability to roll down and fit into your carry-on bag. Bright colors and nautical stripes are always worthy of some sand and salt water!

The Nude Flip Flop - Recently Splendid started to make shoes and man are they doing a good job! These are perfect strap width and color. They will go with everything!

Jules Smith Star Ankle Bracelet - Do I really need to say more? Nothing like a pretty, delicate ankle bracelet against newly tanned legs.

Fishtail Away - super easy, but keep it loose and low. These aren't as popular anymore, but I think if your hair is salty and sunny that it's a nice way to keep it out of the way. Take it out right before dinner for the most romantic, beachy waves! 

Bain De Soleil or Hawaiian Tropic - sunscreen, just wear it, but make sure it smells ultra yummy!

Vaseline Rosy Lips - hard to find, my friend usually grabs me tins of this when she is in London, but it's the ONLY makeup I will be bringing to Jamaica. Adds a tint of pink and will look great with a tan! 

I am feeling optimistic about this week being much better than last. One day at a time and we will get through this together.

Again, we are STRONG. We are ONE. We are BOSTON.

Have a fun and fashionable week everyone!