Spotlight on: Everlane

About 6 months ago, in my quest to find the perfect white tee I discovered a LA company called Everlane. Their motto is perfectly simple, just like their tees, "Know your factories, Know your costs, Always ask why." And it's true - why should tees be so bloody expensive? And why can't we trust that most companies will be honest about where their product is manufactured? Not Everlane - they practice complete transparency. Their product is sewn within minutes from their headquarters and because they work factory direct they are able to offer everything at an extremely affordable price.  If that doesn't make you want to purchase from their site then their affordable, fantastic tees (among other casual chic offerings) will. Do yourself a favor and check them out here!



The above is the one that I purchased several months ago.  I also picked up a basic crew neck version for Bryce. We both go through white tees a couple times a year, but they are such an important staple in your wardrobe that it's important to always have fresh, well-fitted ones! Since their launch really expanded their assortment by adding in accessories and other versions of their basic tees. Loving the colors too!

The High-Low Belt at $40 is so versatile! It can go from waist to hip seamlessly! 

Men's Slim Fit Oxford for $55                  /                 Men's Perfect Crew Neck Tee $15


I know this post doesn't have a whole lot of pizzazz and isn't super fashion-y, but these items offer a way to build a strong wardrobe with minimal effort and money spent. The fabric is beautiful, the cut is flattering, and the company is ethically run. It's a trifecta! I can't wait until our next purchase from Everlane


Have a fun, fashionable day,