Travel has been my middle name since October. With two trips to Asia in under two months, I am craving comfortable and cozy. I guess pure exhaustion and cold airplanes will bring that on! So, it's been over a month since I last blogged and it's not because I don't have content - I DO! Will Mann and I have been working hard on the back end and I hope it's not too late to deliver all of the goodies we have in store! This will be a first in a series of Holiday Dreamin'... items I will feature that you will definitely put on your wishlist!!

ITEM #1: WIDE LEG, HIGH WAIST JEANS: Kinda digging them. ANTHROPOLOGIE: similar here for $128

ITEM #2: THE CAPE/ PONCHO/ BLANKET - a total 3 in 1. I got mine at a fab British online store called Atterley Road, but I found the exact one at another British site called Bank Fashion - here - super affordable at $35! Will keep you warm all winter.

ITEM #3: The Savannah Chic Carnivale Bracelet - seen above as the blue/gold spikey bracelet. This is the bracelet with a heart. They are handmade by Kenyan women using local and recycled materials. The owners are really sweet and ship via London (quickly). Comes in a cute pouch perfect for gift giving! Get it here and you will be helping a good cause and making someone's wrist happy! Approx $70 (prices are in British pound).

Hope this helps get your gift giving ideas flowing! I know it's getting mine moving and shaking! Who else has watched Love Actually 4x's already? Wink Wink...

Happy Beginning of the Holiday Season!!!

Have a fun, fashionable day,