Valentine's Day

You know that old saying, "seeing life through rose colored glasses"? Shouldn't it be "seeing life through dusty rose colored glasses"? Life is messy - even when you want to see it in the most positive light! It is not perfect and we are not perfect! BUT - that's ok - it is still BEAUTIFUL - a beautiful mess!

I have never been into roses, sappy music, or Valentine's Day in general, but I do love anything feminine! I have also never been one to sport pink on the regular, but there is something about this dusty rose color that is fresh and fun. And in the dead of winter on these negative 2 degree mornings, it's just the right glimpse of spring!  If you decide to dress up a little this Friday (V Day), why not go with dusty rose instead of red?

See the one you love through dusty rose colored glasses...... 'cause remember... that's the beauty of love - even when you are old and dusty that person will be there for you! :o)


1. Josie Maran Aragan Oil - okay, okay so it's just the packaging that is dusty rose, but it's what's inside that will make you GLOW!!! I was a skeptic when all of these face oils came out, especially as a woman with blemish prone skin, but this has revolutionized my beauty routine! I am completely converted. I have lighter sun spots, less wrinkles, fewer blemishes, and more of a glow to my face. It's lightweight, yet hydrating! Mix a few drops in with your daily moisturizer and wait for an incredible transformation.

2. J. Crew Elbow Shirt - Perfect tucked into a high waist skirt or worn loose with jeans and under a bulky sweater. Best part is that I scored it on sale for $14.99!!

3. OPI Dulce de Leche - This nailpolish is suchy a dreamy blushy pink, even with one coat! 

4. Anthropologie Poncho/Cape - No longer available, but similar here. I bought this on a whim at Anthro and it's been the best purchase, especially with my long elbow-length gloves! I feel like Audrey Hepburn (or a less slim, less chic version anyway :o))

5. My Gram's Button Earrings - these are vintage, folks! Can't find these 1960's gems anywhere and they were my grandma Alice's, but... these Kate Spade earrings are so ridiculously adorable - check 'em out! 

6. Foley and Corinna Mid City Tote - this is a convertible tote - great for people who travel a lot and with multiple items. The color is perfect - a slash between nude/pink and goes with everything. Worth the investment!


Happy Valentine's Day!

Have a fun, fashionable week,