Paying Homage: One Stitch at a Time

I think the best way to pay homage to those that came before us is to enjoy everything they worked to create so we could have a better life...

Years ago, before my grandmother died, she and my mother bequeathed to me several ponchos, shawls, and sweaters hand knit or crocheted by my great-grandmother. Some of which were made for my mother and some for my grandmother... but all passed through the hands of the women in my family and are still in perfect condition. To be able to wear a piece of my personal history is beyond words...

There is so much love and attention that went into the two ponchos featured in this post. The different stitches, the multitude of patterns, the angle of the neckline, the cut of the hemline- all of these things are what make the term "homemade" like nothing else in the world.  Timeless and relevant these items will get passed down to the next generation! :o)

This look is so relaxed and bohemian that I like to add a little pop of sparkle to dress it up. The double cuff is a simple option to accessorize without overdoing it.

My Milly Girl wanted to play a part! :o)

This poncho is my other favorite! I like the contrast of the brown leather bag and boots with a dark washed denim. If you love the look of hand-knit pieces, but don't have the ability to do it yourself then check these out:

1. Free People - here for $99, originally $400

2. Etsy - here w/ a hood, same neutral color as the first one I am wearing! $125 and completely handmade by a gal in Argentina!

3. Poncho Villa - here for authentic ponchos!

This Isabella Fiore handbag (more here) is probably 10 years old, but I still adore the grommets and the shape. Miraculously I have also kept it in good shape! The boots are from Ruche a couple winters ago. Ruche is a cool boutique-y version of Anthropologie that I first mentioned HERE. The curated selection is also ridiculously affordable.

Whatever it is that your family passed down to you - jewelry, clothing, fine china, furniture - just remember that these pieces have a unique story and once in your possession you can create your own! Those that came before you will be overjoyed! 


Have a fun, fashionable week,