Navy and Yellow 2 Ways (with a side of philosophy)

It probably goes without saying, but this winter was really rough. Between the snow, the cold temps, and the eternal darkness, we deserve a bright, sunshine-filled spring full of warmth and outdoor time.

What the dark days did bring for me is a need for creating space. Space in my heart and in my mind. After pouring over a couple of wonderful yoga books in March I decided to take action. To do three things every day that seem so simple, but have the ability to put so much light into my life: 

- Be Grateful. My yoga teacher wrote a book called Do Your Om Thing (buy here) and in it she recommends keeping a journal of three things we are grateful for every day. I adopted the idea and each evening after I wash my face and kiss the pups good night, I write down three items that brought joy into my life. It allows me to wind down and reflect on all of the good that exists, even in the simple things like my morning latte. :o)

- Do yoga every damn day. This doesn't mean sweat in a 90 minute class with crazy moves, it's much simpler. Just focus on one position each day. In doing so, I have learned patience with myself and in turn, fallen in love with the process. Fall in love with whatever your process is or means.

- Find quiet. For those that know me, you must know this is a difficult one! :o) Quiet time is good for the soul and acts as a recharge. 

Okay okay... I get it - you didn't ask for a side of philosophy, now let's get down to the fashion details! :o)

My favorite colors for spring are navy and yellow. I like the way navy grounds outfits in a timeless, classic, "quiet" way while yellow adds intrigue and fun. Here I do it two ways: work day appropriate and casual chic.

Next to the snow piles you will notice the darkness melting away in the sunlight.... and my heart becoming more grateful, open, and accepting...

Work Day Outfit:

J. Crew #2 Pencil Skirt: HERE on sale for $88

Zara Navy Striped Button Down: HERE for $49.90

Zara Yellow Heels: HERE for $99.00 - they are the STAR of this whole post!!! 

Rebecca Minkoff bag: HERE for details

Will and I shot on the one day in late February that happened to be in the mid-30's....scratch the surface and it's not hard to tell that there is still lots of snow on the ground. :o) He captured some very candid moments during this session and I appreciate it! Damn he is good - make sure you are following him on instagram and checking out his website from time to time - so talented. @williammannphotography and

Throw the same Zara shoes and shirt on with some slouchy boyfriend jeans (these are Joes), a cute, socially responsible handbag, and a Nixon leather band watch (here). Done and done. 

So I know that I went off on a tangent in the beginning and I apologize for the soap box moment, but I think it's important to remember that life is a process and in order to make progress, we must do things to open our minds and hearts..... ultimately that will be how we find happiness and warmth. Breathe in life, breathe out negativity! 

Let that sunshine in, people! Spring is here!!

have a fun, fashionable (and perhaps soulful) day,