Finding Ways to Get Inspired

Finding ways to keep inspiration burning can be a challenge, am I right? Whether you are a business owner, manage a department, work with your hands, or teach a class of 10-year-old kids, something must drive your passion and inspiration. I have been trying to find little things every day that ignite my spirit and as we enjoy this gorgeous fall weather before it turns to the cold of winter I want to share a couple things that are lighting me up right now!

1. Flea Style - without a doubt, blowing up my spot. I adore Brittany Cobb, the owner and founder of Flea Style's overall vibe and lovely attitude about women in business. She owns a very dynamic organization that is 1 part commerce, 1 part educational, 1 part empowering women, and the ultimate sharing platform Her podcast, called Fridays with Flea Style, makes me excited to get in my car on the last day of the week and cruise all the way into the office listening to Brittany interview some super cool chic who started her own business and is willing to give up all the dirt on what makes her tick. Fashion, arts, retail - just a few of industries she taps into. Her interviews are ON POINT. Period. Makes me want to be a better boss and impact a business. Every. Day.


2. 1843 - The Economist (for those unfamiliar, a very dense, incredibly sophisticated weekly British based publication) started a magazine called 1843 (named after the year the publication was founded). They refer to it as The Economist "Unwinding" and is the ideas, culture, and lifestyle magazine. "Bi-monthly print edition that allows you to explore the world through profiles, narrative and travel writing with sections on style, culture, design, travel, food and drink." Same smart writing, but about global topics that will inspire and educate! 











3. Stress Free With Deepak Chopra (Meditations) - Not sure how (or if) you guys meditate, but I have been digging the Deepak album. It's guided, which I need. I have never been good at the sit in silence and not think about a thousand things. I need a voice, a mantra, and maybe some music. It's a 5 part meditation, so depending on what your body needs on any given day there is one for breathing, heart, love, sleep, or light body. I know some people think meditation is hippy and hokey, but it truly is a windshield wiper for your mind and you can reap many benefits from doing it. It opens me up to allow more inspiration and creativity in and feeling all the lighter for it! 




4. Fresh Flowers - I just adore having beautiful flowers in the house. Try it. Every week when you pick up your groceries stop and smell the roses. And then pick some up and bring them home! I may not be able to grow a plant, but I can keep cut flowers alive for up to 2 weeks by trimming them back and changing the water consistently. If I can do it, so can you. These mini carnations are my favorite and will bloom for quite awhile, but hydrangeas will really give you the bang for your buck. 









5. People of Las Vegas - I happened to be in LV the Friday after the horrible, tragic, unspeakable shooting happened. Running the strip a couple times was powerful. One morning we saw squads of runners carrying huge American flags and #VegasStrong tees. And the next we saw makeshift memorials with beautiful flowers, messages, candles, and memories of people killed. 

I know what we are all thinking - these mass shootings keep getting bigger and when are they going to end? It's senseless and stupid for people to lose their lives in this way. 

What I will say is that I am inspired by the people. The community. Throughout the years I have made many local Vegas friends. Luckily they were all safe, but not unaffected. This one hit too close to home. With every incident it seems that we are forced to join together and by doing so it makes us stronger and more solid which contradicts what this coward (and all of those before/after) was trying to create. The sun was rising on all of the beautiful spirits that were lost in Vegas and for those mourning, it was bringing hope and breathing life/spirit back to the city. 

I would love to hear how you are keeping inspired these days. As we head into winter (and S.A.D.) I have to try extra hard to feel inspired, so I appreciate any words of advice! 

Will and I shot today and it was SO FUN! My plan is to continue this bout of inspiration and translate it into blog posts... :o)