In a time of recession, I want more....

Why, in a time of absolute crisis and when everyone else is "battening down the hatches" do I feel the need to buy staples for my wardrobe? I am pumped about this blog because I am going to bring to all of you fabulous finds! Items that are day to night by integrating jeans, hoodies, dresses, tights, flats, and great boots with perfect finishing touches. I will share all of my online secrets - the websites I sweat over - really it's a labor of love and the things I can't live without....... I think on a blog it's okay to say that I am good at finding diamonds in the rough - staple wardrobe pieces from various retailers ranging from Target to Bloomies to Neimans - I search endlessly because it's my passion and I believe it's also an art form....

My Current Obsessions:
- Frye Riding Boots - black and flat
- Gap off the shoulder (soft as butter) tunics w/ brown tights and flat boots
- J.Crew headbands and bow belts
- Ben Sherman black and white checkered high collar wool coat
- LuluLemon yoga pants

So, please enjoy and give me feedback - I am always looking for that unique piece and it doesn't have to cost a ton!!!