I know that I posted a couple days ago about the coat that I just ordered off, but I want to again express my deep love for this website. If my last post didn't prompt you to dig for gold and really, truly search this site with all your heart, then you don't know what you missed. From the witty blog entries to the whimsical dresses to the well priced shoes, and the romantic descriptions of each piece, it's a dream come true. They sell you on every item because you can tell they believe in their final product. How reassuring! The gentle wooing of customers has been long gone for decades with the introduction of mass market stores like seriously, do yourself a favor and go to that website and find your favorite piece and POST IT ON MY BLOG! Do the homework, it's totally 100% worth it. You might just discover that there is a little Mod hiding somewhere inside you! I heart you ModCloth. XO.