The Beginning of the End

I started 2011 thinking that this would be the year to really cut back and watch the spending so Lily and Alice could become the reality that's been haunting me for 7 years. So far I have been really wise with my choices....bought some new running gear......a piece of jewelry here and there....but mostly I have been very conservative. That is........until I found the Savasana Wrap. Phonetically said, sha-vas-anna, is the conclusion of yoga - a place you work hard to get to after a long practice - to lay on the mat. It's a stress reliever, tension reducer, and relaxation enhancer. Ahhhh just writing about it makes me feel serene. If you haven't tried the penetrating 98 degree lovely heat followed by 5 glorious minutes of meditation, otherwise none as savasana, then you don't know what you have been missing. While you are at it - pick up one of these fabulous wraps from Lululemon. A splurge at $118, make it one of your first purchases of 2011 and perhaps it will be a metaphor of the year to come - peaceful, tranquil, and centered.