Making Treasure out of ALPINE in the New Year

Bring in the NEW YEAR by making treasure out of the interesting Christmas gifts that you received! "Kiki - what do I do with this alpine teacher's sweater that I got????" This is the question that has stuck with me since last weekend when one of my best friend's revealed what she thought was the worst gift ever! Immediately I reacted and said, "D - trust me you CAN WORK THIS". I proceeded to lend some merchandising tips.....

The "Alpine" look is very popular right now, but as I always say, with most trends it is important to do things in moderation.......I found a couple looks that I think are well-suited for this particular "gift conundrum". Pair this type of sweater w/ a flowing tunic, leggings, a big accessory (long necklace OR big earrings, not both though) and cute knee-high boots. Or wear it with a graphic tee underneath to downplay the look w/ skinny jeans and a pair of Uggs. Either way - DON'T GIVE AWAY that gift!!!! Just use a little creativity and make it work for YOU! Have fun -that's what fashion is all about.