Celebrity Influence and the Power of the Internet

I have a guilty pleasure. It's called "schmut" magazines. When I hit up CVS for my monthly beauty care I usually throw one of those magazines into my basket at the last second. Just for good measure. Just for my ability to relate to those that enjoy "pop" culture.......alright, I am just saying! Sometimes it's good for the soul to chill out w/ a glass of wine and Hollywood gossip and even more importantly fashion trends!! As I was perusing US Weekly back in January, I saw this beautiful bohemian style dress that Jessica Alba was sporting. It's very rare that I impulse shop - it's typically a very calculated decision making process. One indication is how long I think about a piece.....in this case it was almost two months.

The internet is a powerful tool. Two months after I originally spotted the Tolani Ginger Tunic on Alba I googled the following words: "December Jessica Alba's dress on beach with daughter Honor" and the image popped up. From there I was able to track down the dress.....only to find out it was on backorder until the end of March! Now the second part of my decision making: is it worth the wait? I sat on it for two more days and eventually pulled the trigger - I couldn't get it out of my head! Hopefully the anticipation will prove fruitful! It gives me something to get through the last dark days of winter at least!

How do you guys decide to make purchases? Are you impulse shoppers or well-thought out shoppers?