30 Year-Old Dress Up Session

My very good friend Will Mann (http://www.wmannphotography.com/) is a photographer, a magician, as I have deemed him. He takes ordinary and turns it into extraordinary. So, when he asked me several months ago to help him with a project he was doing for a photography class, how could I say no? And then when he asked me to wear a wedding dress as part of the shoot - whoa! I was thrown back into my life 6 years ago when I walked down the aisle toward my husband.....I never thought I would put on a white dress again! I think the Vera Wang I wore on that beautiful October night is still sitting in my childhood closet in Connecticut.....with all of its dirt, wine, and other proof that it was one of the most amazing moments to date.

But, Will didn't want to see me in a standard white dress with boring old basics to accompany it. He wanted pops of color, daring tights (you can see this in the fishnets or bright smurfette blue tights and fuscia Seychelle pumps), and unusual postures. We spent an entire day in his studio playing with makeup (or in some cases, to my horror, NO MAKEUP!), wardrobe, and more importantly wedding dresses!!!!!

Will borrowed all of his dresses from a good friend who owns her own Bridal and Evening dress boutique called Sabella Couture (http://www.sabellacouture.com/) in downtown Boston. She has an interesting mix of handmade (with her own two little hands - so impressive) and deeply thought out purchases from uniquely branded manufactureres.

Will not only shot creatively and to get the beauty of the fabric and contrast of the color, but also to capture the very essense of who his subject was.....his eye for detail and for seeing one shot ahead of the person he is working with is quite....well......magical! There's that word again.

My best friend, Tiffany, is getting married in March and has chosen Will to take her photos for the special night. She has been a blogging fool for the past year and she recently had Will down to Florida (where she lives) to do her engagement session and posted a bunch of the shots. Her blog is a comprehensive, engaging journey through her entire experience where she shares everything with her followers. Check out http://www.bride-onicles.blogspot.com/ for more details and to see Will's dreamy photo session with her and her future hubby!

Look at all those layers of tulle and silk dupioni! It's like being on a cloud.....at what age are you too old for dress up??

Obviously you are never too old because I had WAY too much fun doing this! Again, I love the pops of color, the lighting, and most of all the direction from the man behind the cam - I am his biggest fan (clearly I am also a poet and didn't know it)!!! Yep - that's me in a wig below....got to love it!

Have a great weekend!



(all photos are taken by William Mann. Check out his facebook at: www.facebook.com/wmannphotography and "LIKE" him or swing by his site and take a look at his portfolio: http://www.wmannphotography.com/)