The First Cut Goes Retro

My friend Whitney and I have been watching our husbands restore a 1965 Boston Whaler for the past year and today, officially, we went on the maiden voyage. The boys did everything from the electrical to a complete aesthetic overhaul of the interior/exterior. Deemed "The First Cut" for reasons I won't get into, we took her out on the Charles and even got daring and ventured into the Boston harbor! It was a beautiful day - the waters were smooth, the sun was shining, and the city was gleaming against a gorgeous blue sky backdrop. We dropped anchor to munch and after eating sandwiches and chips (argh - healthy eating begins TOMORROW), Whit and I both felt bloated in the mid section. In an effort to cover up the uncomfortable stomach situation, I threw on a long sleeved tunic, but Whitney didn't have anything and as a result she pulled her skirt up past her belly button. Instantly we all proclaimed how 50's retro she looked without even trying! With a J.Crew halter sweetheart bikini top in the perfectly classic navy blue and the kelly green terry cloth skirt ("Old Navy special, told in Whit's words) she fully channels Marilyn Monroe circa 1950's......

....or Leann Rimes in a recent performance. The high waist accentuates the tiny "real" waistline and the halter helps larger chested women maintain their shape in an appropriately flattering way. To hop on this trend check this out this sweet J.Crew number at


a very sun drenched and tired kiki