Meeting Christine Cameron and Sarah Silver.....

For the past two days I have been on a photo shoot in NYC for work and I met some really amazing people and truly appreciate and admire just how many talented people there are in this world.......

Sarah Silver:

An incredibly talented, dynamic and FAST photographer. She has an eye for the beautiful and has a ridiculous portfolio boasting gigs like Vogue and Sephora. Sarah is also high energy and fun! With music pumping in the studio she was fast and furious - nailing shots in minutes. She is getting married soon and hopefully we will get to dress would be an honor! She is pictured above working her magic.... Her personal website is:

Christine Cameron:

A young fashion blogger that was so fun to talk to! She was very accessible and down to earth, but also had a real opinion about her passion. A similar philosophy to mine, she likes to pair high/low together - a Kooba bag w/ an H&M dress, etc. Her blog is a pleasure to view.....her photographs are vibrant, metropolitan, yet they have a "girl next door" vibe. Love love love!!!

Check it ---

What a great way to start off the holiday wknd!!!