THE ALVIN: Sam Edelman, Mission Impossible

 this all started with my great quest to replace a pair of fabulous gold Sam Edelman flats that I literally wore until I could see the pavement thru the holes in the bottom.....but they were perfectly comfortable and went with a base outfit of black, brown, or navy. well unfortunately it was not an easy task to find perfect gold flats. so I gave up. I know - I am a quitter.

 until the Alvin . or so I thought. when I couldn't find gold shoes I jumped on the animal print train and found the above leopard smoking flats. yes, smoking flats? what do you ask makes these "smoking flats"? think hugh hefner meets east coast chic. this type of flat means an easy transition from silk robe, silk pjs, and a pipe to a dark pair of cropped or cuffed jeans (in my case old Hudsons with holes in the knees). characteristics include the little cutouts, the round toe, the quilted comfy inside, and the small heel that goes "clack, clack, clack". for me it equals love....but finding them was another story.
it started w/ Zappos where I ordered these beauties expecting them to arrive early this week. at work I diligently checked the tracking on the precious package and on Monday when it said "delivered, left at front door" I could not have been happier!
 got home. searched the porch. no Alvins to be found. I called UPS. they were no help - said to call Zappos. when I hung up w/ them my doorbell rang. a policeman standing there. he says, "package was stolen off your porch along w/ three of your neighbor's. woman across the street watched the whole thing go dropped package, car pulled up and grabbed it, squeeled off to next house and did the same thing. police were called." okay, so that explains that. leaving for Vegas, need the shoes, not happy, but at least it explains the mystery - I did feel violated though. called Zappos they immediately refunded me. WOW. amazing customer service.

determined to get these shoes I ordered them from another site. yeay! they can still get here before I depart. next day: email in my are on backorder! really??? luckily this story ends well - I was able to order these IMPOSSIBLE to find smoking flats from a fantastic little site called Eve's Apple. they overnighted them and provided perfect customer service.

definitely my new obsession and I will be wearing them w/ everything. Mission: accomplished.

off to Vegas in the morning for a week and guess who is coming w/ me? Alvin....