A Madewell Moment

 I am having a Madewell moment. their beautifully edited line is boho chic, casual, and somehow remains consistently relevant from season to season. take these boyfriend jeans: the wash is old school, but the fit gives the feel of a woman stepping off the Jitney after a fabulously glamorous fall weekend in the Hamptons.
bracelets are my favorite when they add texture. this "golden nest" is that and more. a trilogy of metal types, this bracelet will add an element of fun to your everyday wardrobe.....and at $14.99 it's a must have!

 I am literally getting bored with stripes. yesterday I put on one of my usual fave striped tops and felt so ho hum all day that I considered throwing it in my growing good will pile when I got home. but -- alas -- this abstract take on a basic trend is exactly what the doctor ordered! I love how this top slouches, takes liberties on the semi-scoop neckline and uses zig zags to contour the body. check it out here in three different colors
 this is not your mother's skirt from the early 80's! it looks vintage, but also has a fresh and clean appeal when paired with a tucked in plaid button down shirt or a flowy silk one....and of course topped off with a pair of high heeled loafers.
things that make you go mmmmm..... understated and sexy this sheer top leaves people talking (in a good way this time...hehe!) $19.99 and three different colors

have you had your Madewell moment today?