Too Trendy to Latch onto? Look for Less or More?

If you read my blog frequently then you know how I feel about trends.....they come and go, so don't sink too much money into pieces that won't last you more then one season. This morning I opened up my email to find Neiman Marcus promoting a bouncy, girly, soft floral skirt (seen above). At the register this Taylor skirt would ring in at $325! Don't get me wrong - it's very sweet and Taylor Swift pulls this look off so elegantly, but if I have over three hundred to spend it is going toward a handbag and not a floral skirt that will end up in the back of my closet or the Salvation Army in 2012! I found some great alternatives at for under $20! Now there is a price I can get behind.....spring will be here soon and this trend will most likely only last until Fall 2011 at the very latest. I particularly like the one that has a mix of patterns and the floral is simply a piece of the design instead of the full focus! Enjoy these steals.....