Lily & Alice Give: Holiday Gift Ideas

#1: Giles & Brother Archer Cuff - $175, in yellow gold. love the knotted metal.
#2: West Elm Jewelry Tree - $29, the perfectly modern take on a jewelry box
#3: Gorjana Super Star Necklace - $80, this will look adorable layered
#4: DIY Charms from Anthropologie - design a necklace that represents the jewelry lover you 
      know! each charm is $15 and the chain is around $18
#5: Giles & Brother Archer Bangle - $125, Giles does it again with this knotted bangle! So

 #1: PaperSource - personalized notecards are always a beautiful gesture for that special party 
       hostess - I am in love with these simple designs! around $15 for a set
#2: Bottle of Wine -easy, but always perfect! Raymond Cab Sav made Epicurious's list of great
      wines by state. check it out here!
#3: Slatkin and Co. candles - I am a huge fan of these fabulous smelling candles! I don't
      typically shop at Bath and Body Works unless it's for candles....fresh balsam is one of my
      faves, but there are so many scents that make a delicious gift. $19.99 for one
#4: Mrs. Meyers Gift Set - unexpected right? I know what you are thinking - what? I am telling
      you this will go over well because it smells like heaven (or in this case Basil). promise this
      will be a gift not soon forgotten. $25 for above set
#1: Cloche Hat by Jessica Simpson - no accessory is better than a hat for the winter -
      everything about this one is yummy - the brass button, the feather, the color, and the price -
      Zappos for $54
#2: Stylemint Shirts - you have heard me talk about JewelMint, well this is of the same ilk,
      $29.99 for a tee per month and they seriously have the softest shirts with the best cuts -
      bought my first last month and can't  wait for December selections to become available this
#3: Anthro Scarf - Anthropologie does it again! this scarf is so special. bohemian chic with soft
      colors and texture the fashionista in your life will not be disappointed, $68

#1: DIY Furniture -  this book is truly cool! what guy doesn't want to dabble in home furniture
      building? creative and interesting ideas for men that want things to look cool without
      spending a lot of dough. Amazon for $16
#2: Whiskey Shot Glasses - made of soap stone, these will keep his drink cold without watering
      them down, $38
#3: Vintage Poker and Domino Set - Restoration Hardware makes gift giving easy this year
       with kitchy vintage games perfect for guy's night! $35 for Dominos and $89 for Poker
#4: Hungoevr Coobkook - hilarious book for a whopping $8 - it has tests to prove how much
      whiskey he actually did drink last night and what recipes will cure it!
#5: Tom's Wayfarer Sunglasses - famous for shoes, Tom has now launched a sunglass portion
      of his business. it's a one for one - buy these for the man in your life and Tom's will give
      better sight to one person in need.
     you can get them in aviator style or the wayfarer for $135
#6: Lululemon Sweatshirt - what man wouldn't want to put this on after a rough workout
      Lululemon has a knack for hitting the mark on fit and lifestyle, $108
#7: Beer Bottle Hooks - decorating in a "guy kinda way" - made by an artist who melts beer
      bottles - available in green, clear, or brown for $27
#8: Panoramic Video Attachment for iPhone - for the techy in your life, an attachment for the
      iPhone that allows for panoramic video and instant sharing via Facebook - $79

#1: West Elm Slate Cheese Boards - amazing for serving all the stinky (or not) cheeses and
      accoutrement that you want - flip it over and use it as a cutting board, $24-$49
#2: Wood Salt Dishes - also from West Elm, these are definitely on my wish list! I use sea salt
      and pepper everyday when I cook, so it's helpful to have them right at the finger tips for a
      dash here and there - $9 each

stockings ´╗┐might be the best part about Christmas morning - all the little stuff is just so much fun! here are some of the girly things I hope Santa leaves for me this year....
#1: Wet N' Wild eyeliners - these smudge amazingly well and are offered in every color under
      the sun. for the bargain price of 99 cents I am pretty sure that Santa can afford to leave
      couple of these!
#2: Essie Nail Colors - the Essie "winter" gift pack comes with 6 of the newest colors for the
      season! this nail polish goes on creamy and smooth - simply the best! $48 for the set,
#3: Charlotte Ronson - lipgloss is fabulous especially in "sophia" and "samantha" at Sephora
#4: Monogrammed Zipper Pouches - West Elm is scoring big w/ lily and alice this holiday
      season. these bags can be used for everything - from travel to makeup to a sweet clutch.
      $7-12, plus a tad more for monogram
#5: Goody Doublewear PonyTail Holders - these double as a bracelet when on your wrist!

gift giving is such a small part of the holiday spirit - I know my most cherished gift is getting to spend a whole weekend with my mom, dad, aunt, uncle, and husband baking Christmas cookies, listening to Christmas music, and drinking wine! hopefully you have your "holiday moment" too and perhaps all I have done with this post is to spark some ideas and got your creative juices flowing for that perfect gift to give. I truly do believe it's better to give than to receive. it! 
happy start to the season...


A Madewell Moment

 I am having a Madewell moment. their beautifully edited line is boho chic, casual, and somehow remains consistently relevant from season to season. take these boyfriend jeans: the wash is old school, but the fit gives the feel of a woman stepping off the Jitney after a fabulously glamorous fall weekend in the Hamptons.
bracelets are my favorite when they add texture. this "golden nest" is that and more. a trilogy of metal types, this bracelet will add an element of fun to your everyday wardrobe.....and at $14.99 it's a must have!

 I am literally getting bored with stripes. yesterday I put on one of my usual fave striped tops and felt so ho hum all day that I considered throwing it in my growing good will pile when I got home. but -- alas -- this abstract take on a basic trend is exactly what the doctor ordered! I love how this top slouches, takes liberties on the semi-scoop neckline and uses zig zags to contour the body. check it out here in three different colors
 this is not your mother's skirt from the early 80's! it looks vintage, but also has a fresh and clean appeal when paired with a tucked in plaid button down shirt or a flowy silk one....and of course topped off with a pair of high heeled loafers.
things that make you go mmmmm..... understated and sexy this sheer top leaves people talking (in a good way this time...hehe!) $19.99 and three different colors

have you had your Madewell moment today?


Love Anthropologie? You will Looooooove Ruche!

do you love anthropologie? yes? you will love Ruche!

The philosophy is the same, the flirty feminine style is the same, but the prices are extremely more friendly....see some of my fave picks on their website right now.....

how cute is this shirt? Find it here for $28.99

this is a fabulous tribal looking long maxi skirt that converts into a dress....find it here for $36.99

WOW. in love with this dress. it really reminds me of a cute little Marc Jacobs print/color scheme. here for $36.99

scarves, sunglasses, shoes....oh my! loving the color of these sunglasses for $12.99, polka dot scarf in soft colors for $13.99, sweet grey mary janes with bow detail and small platform sole for $38.99, and last (but certainly not least) the gorgeous $16.99 long watch pendant

happy shopping and have a great weekend! I am off to visit my bff in FL!



Practical PERFECT Purchases: Stephanie Johnson

Stephanie Johnson is a doll......a beautiful, bright, warm woman that is also fashionable and fun! On top of that she makes gorgeous, practical organizers specifically designed for women. I met her on the set of the Sarah Silver shoot I did the first week in July, so when I received a huge box at my desk one day last week I was giddy with excitement! Inside were 4 of the special bags that Stephanie makes! It was serendipitous to say the least and I could not be more grateful. The fabric is luxurious, but durable and the pattern has an Indian flavor which is reflected in the collection name: Mumbai Buff.

For years I have considered purchasing a carryall for my toiletries, but never did because I grew comfortable and familiar with my standard packing techniques. Well I was long overdue for an upgrade! Of the four bags she sent me one is for toiletries and makeup, one is for an IPad, one is a brush bag, and one is a trapezoid bag that can be whatever I want it to be (I will be using it as a clutch with jeans and a cute top)!I am in NYC for a work trip this week and it's my first time using the toiletries bag. VERDICT: this bag has truly revolutionized my life. Stephanie thinks of everything - for ease of going through airport security lines she made every compartment removable, for example the clear portion is attached to the rest of the bag by Velcro so it pulls out in a jiff. Check out to see all of the amazing bags and different fabrics she uses. She will not disappoint! I think these would even make fabulous bridesmaids gifts or b-day gifts for your besties!

You can also find Stephanie Johnson bags at small boutiques as well as Saks 5th Avenue. Lastly, this ridiculously talented and busy woman manages a really cool blog..... She gabs about shopping, eating, traveling and basically all things cool.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, Ms. Stephanie Johnson - your gifts are super special and I love it all!!!



Frizzy Hair and Foster Grants

My busy schedule has not been conducive to blogging, but I am BACK!!! Between traveling and a crazy work life, things are finally getting back into a routine and I am going to attempt to do daily (if not weekly) entries to get myself back on track - so for my very few followers, thank you for being patient! There are several topics I would like to cover. It's officially summer and that means a couple of things...frizzy, big hair and strained eyes. Well I have two solutions!

1.) 3 DAY STRAIGHTEN by John Frieda. Truly dreamy hair. For three to four days depending on how long you can go without getting it wet. I have unruly hair that often takes a solid hour to blow dry and straighten (or curl). Usually the summer humidity leaves me frizzy and with hair in a pony tail within one day, but alas, this spray saves! Quick directions: Wash hair. Apply to wet or damp hair (spray anywhere from 7-15 spritzes depending on how thick your hair is), brush through, and style as usual. I promise you will be happy with the results.......DREAMY HAIR! Until I am willing to pony up the dough for a Keratin treatment this will do just fine!

2.) Now, for those eyes! Foster Grants have been around since 1919 when Sam Foster introduced them on the boardwalk in Atlantic City. Before that sunglasses were primarily used for pilots and by actors on the set of brightly lit movies. Mr. Foster was the first person to venture into the inexpensive, mass produced sunglass world.....however, the brand didn't catipulte to great heights until the 1960's when an ad campaign called "Who's Behind those Foster Grants" was launched. It featured the eternally stylish Raquel Welch wearing them and soon Hollywood followed and supported Foster Grants! Well recently they relaunched their campaign of "Who's Behind those...." and it has caught a lot of attention. Starting at just $20.00 these sunglasses are on trend and fabulous without spending a ton of money!! My husband just rehabbed a boat all winter and we are soon to be cruising down the Charles in it and I know one thing that will be at my side -- my Foster Grants! This way I can save my Ray Bans from being tossed overboard! So.......FYI: it's Kiki behind those Fosters! Check out the pair I am wearing at - Deputy Black is the style.....

XOXO, Kiki

Too Trendy to Latch onto? Look for Less or More?

If you read my blog frequently then you know how I feel about trends.....they come and go, so don't sink too much money into pieces that won't last you more then one season. This morning I opened up my email to find Neiman Marcus promoting a bouncy, girly, soft floral skirt (seen above). At the register this Taylor skirt would ring in at $325! Don't get me wrong - it's very sweet and Taylor Swift pulls this look off so elegantly, but if I have over three hundred to spend it is going toward a handbag and not a floral skirt that will end up in the back of my closet or the Salvation Army in 2012! I found some great alternatives at for under $20! Now there is a price I can get behind.....spring will be here soon and this trend will most likely only last until Fall 2011 at the very latest. I particularly like the one that has a mix of patterns and the floral is simply a piece of the design instead of the full focus! Enjoy these steals.....


From the Hills to Kohls....

Doncha know I'm LOCO?? Loco for Loca that is....Lauren Conrad, aka LC, aka made a career out of thin air, aka annoying, aka The Hills star. Putting aside my personal feelings about her as a person and the success that she has pulled out of her ass, I do like her line of clothing at Kohls. Recently, while traveling, I picked up a gossip magazine and there was a tiny article about how much people love her designs. Out of complete curiosity I got on the Kohls website (never been on the site or in the store before) to check it out. I am very critical of Lauren because I think she has only gotten to this point in her young life by an extremely superficial route, but regardless, the clothes are pretty darn cute and soooooo affordable. The black and purple flower tunic is a whopping $23.00 and can easily be paired with skinny jeans, leggings, or jeggings. The turquoise blouse at $29.99 will look lovely with big, fun earrings or underneath a blazer. I just love the detailing on the collar and how it stands up. Check out: for more ideas!