Frizzy Hair and Foster Grants

My busy schedule has not been conducive to blogging, but I am BACK!!! Between traveling and a crazy work life, things are finally getting back into a routine and I am going to attempt to do daily (if not weekly) entries to get myself back on track - so for my very few followers, thank you for being patient! There are several topics I would like to cover. It's officially summer and that means a couple of things...frizzy, big hair and strained eyes. Well I have two solutions!

1.) 3 DAY STRAIGHTEN by John Frieda. Truly dreamy hair. For three to four days depending on how long you can go without getting it wet. I have unruly hair that often takes a solid hour to blow dry and straighten (or curl). Usually the summer humidity leaves me frizzy and with hair in a pony tail within one day, but alas, this spray saves! Quick directions: Wash hair. Apply to wet or damp hair (spray anywhere from 7-15 spritzes depending on how thick your hair is), brush through, and style as usual. I promise you will be happy with the results.......DREAMY HAIR! Until I am willing to pony up the dough for a Keratin treatment this will do just fine!

2.) Now, for those eyes! Foster Grants have been around since 1919 when Sam Foster introduced them on the boardwalk in Atlantic City. Before that sunglasses were primarily used for pilots and by actors on the set of brightly lit movies. Mr. Foster was the first person to venture into the inexpensive, mass produced sunglass world.....however, the brand didn't catipulte to great heights until the 1960's when an ad campaign called "Who's Behind those Foster Grants" was launched. It featured the eternally stylish Raquel Welch wearing them and soon Hollywood followed and supported Foster Grants! Well recently they relaunched their campaign of "Who's Behind those...." and it has caught a lot of attention. Starting at just $20.00 these sunglasses are on trend and fabulous without spending a ton of money!! My husband just rehabbed a boat all winter and we are soon to be cruising down the Charles in it and I know one thing that will be at my side -- my Foster Grants! This way I can save my Ray Bans from being tossed overboard! So.......FYI: it's Kiki behind those Fosters! Check out the pair I am wearing at - Deputy Black is the style.....

XOXO, Kiki