Practical PERFECT Purchases: Stephanie Johnson

Stephanie Johnson is a doll......a beautiful, bright, warm woman that is also fashionable and fun! On top of that she makes gorgeous, practical organizers specifically designed for women. I met her on the set of the Sarah Silver shoot I did the first week in July, so when I received a huge box at my desk one day last week I was giddy with excitement! Inside were 4 of the special bags that Stephanie makes! It was serendipitous to say the least and I could not be more grateful. The fabric is luxurious, but durable and the pattern has an Indian flavor which is reflected in the collection name: Mumbai Buff.

For years I have considered purchasing a carryall for my toiletries, but never did because I grew comfortable and familiar with my standard packing techniques. Well I was long overdue for an upgrade! Of the four bags she sent me one is for toiletries and makeup, one is for an IPad, one is a brush bag, and one is a trapezoid bag that can be whatever I want it to be (I will be using it as a clutch with jeans and a cute top)!I am in NYC for a work trip this week and it's my first time using the toiletries bag. VERDICT: this bag has truly revolutionized my life. Stephanie thinks of everything - for ease of going through airport security lines she made every compartment removable, for example the clear portion is attached to the rest of the bag by Velcro so it pulls out in a jiff. Check out to see all of the amazing bags and different fabrics she uses. She will not disappoint! I think these would even make fabulous bridesmaids gifts or b-day gifts for your besties!

You can also find Stephanie Johnson bags at small boutiques as well as Saks 5th Avenue. Lastly, this ridiculously talented and busy woman manages a really cool blog..... She gabs about shopping, eating, traveling and basically all things cool.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, Ms. Stephanie Johnson - your gifts are super special and I love it all!!!