Uncommon Phone Covers in a Common Phone World

 yes, we all are obsessed with technology...our iphones, our droids, blackberries, ipod, ipad, and the list goes on.....but how do we make our common old phone into something uniquely our own? how do you tell it apart from that of your co-worker or your best friend? in comes Uncommon. this is no ordinary website, no it's not common at all. over the summer our cousin Brooke introduced me to this website and ever since I have been playing around with options.....and for $39.95 if I don't forever love the one that I pick at least it's not breaking the bank for future changes!
there are plenty of fun artists to pick from, but if you so choose you can upload a high res image from your own picture library. you can stretch it, crop it, zoom it....make it your own! there are also several types of cases you can pick from to fit your life style and comfort level....
so help a kiki out - which of the designs that I have put together do you like? I am thinking more toward the blue/orange poppy cover, but would LOVE input!
get Uncommon today! so fun!