Giving Back Makes You Feel Good!

 I am having a 31-year-old crisis. I need a change. I need to give back. and it needs to happen now. when I was at Hearts On  Fire University a couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of learning about a company called Hands Up Not Hand Outs. a friend of the Rothmans (owners of HOF) started this company with his family. Rwanda and Palestine women hand make bracelets, clutches, and earrings to sell and in turn get income to build their lives and create opportunities. I received this beautiful orange/cream/green knit bracelet to add to my growing collection.....
these bracelets and earrings range anywhere from $35-$45 and go toward an amazing cause. Check out the website for additional information: it's also worth giving a shout out to our friends at Pura Vida as I have clearly taken my original stacking of the bracelets from last spring and added over the months. they are a special company that offers fabulous resources to Costa Rican artisans! if you didn't check them out the first time I posted, now is the time - they only cost around $5!!!
these earrings are made of sea grass and can be purchased at Hands Up Not Hands Out 

obsessed with this clutch for $45 also made by a beautiful Rwanda woman.

lastly is a grass roots organization called krochet kids. three best friends started the company and I love their motto: Buy a Hat. Change a Life. so raw. they use their hats as a vehicle to inspire social change and give women in Uganda the power to rise above poverty. hats are approximately $30 and each woman signs the inside - as a consumer you can THANK her on their site! love this.

anyway as I struggle with what I want to do with the rest of my life I hope this gives y'all the incentive to open your hearts (and wallets) to improve this planet we live on.