Polar Vortex Blues

I am a runner and a yogi. I also have the blues, PVB, the Polar Vortex Blues. After the holidays when I was detoxing my body from all the salty, fatty food and sugary, delicious cookies, I fell into a slump. I was still working out, but the hours spent at Barre, yoga, and bundled up on the road in my running shoes felt deflated, depressed, and lethargic.

RUNNING with PVB: In Boston, we have had dramatically low temps, arctic blasts, and polar vortexes that make being outside miserable. Now, being a hearty New Englander, I think the perfect running temperature is 35-40 degrees. Cold enough to wear layers, but warm enough to not be too bulky and weighed down. Unfortunately we haven't been blessed with too many of these days since the new year began. So instead of long runs during the week, I have been working on my sprints and suicides. But, I prefer (and love, I know I am crazy) long runs. And so....I needed to figure out what workout gear was going to make me warm even when the PVB hits and the temps dip into to -8 degrees. (just writing it makes me cold...brrr).

YOGA/BARRE with PVB: Yoga and Barre are awesome because they are the ultimate counter to running. Yoga helps build strength and muscle tone, while Barre gets into the crevices of your body and works muscles you didn't even know you had, all without weights! Yoga is 98+ degrees which is quite polarizing when it comes to the outside temp. The sweat is cathartic and the mental health benefits cannot be matched! So, how could I get myself jazzed to go 2-3 times a week without breaking the bank on new gear?

I have never been one to spend tons of money on workout clothes. I buy $50 sneakers because I change them out every 4 months depending on how many miles have accumulated and most of my pants are either Old Navy, Champion (at Target), Under Armour and my tops I splurge a little more on for added support. Lululemon has always been my go-to. Until recently when I needed to put some serious pep in my step and pull myself out of the Polar Vortex Blues!

Here's how I did it....

Sweaty Betty: Such a cool brand. British brand on a great mission in just 7 core beliefs:

1. HEALTHY AND FIT = HAPPY (I say can I get an AMEN??)

2. DOING THINGS DIFFERENTLY: they strive to make a lasting contribution and to change the way women are perceived in the fitness world! And of course their workout styles are on the cutting edge..

3. BORDERING OBSESSIVE: similar to those that work out with passion, Sweaty Betty makes their business their top priority, while maintaining a balance of friends and family! What we should all do in our daily lives!

4. TESTING: they make sure each product they create passes the test, does it perform? Is it beautiful? Will it inspire you to work out? Love this.

5. PRACTICE WHAT WE PREACH: Sharing the energy! Explaining the benefits. They live life the way they want you to!

6. EARN OUR PLACE: They work hard in their community to earn their place as a master of well-being! Again, what we should all try to do in our daily lives.

7. NO ONE IS PERFECT: Believe in healthy living, but have fun! And always sneak a cookie or two!

My two recent purchases are great for all of my activities...

New Leggings - stirrups, contoured ruching and a seamless look to smooth out my lumps and bumps from all that holiday eating! :o)

Two In One Tank - Versatile two- in one yoga/running tank with a fully detachable bra and contrast top. Love how sexy, yet sweet this top is. Two in one baby! 

Beyond Yoga - A celeb fave brand - here is their scoop -  Designed with every body type in mind, BEYOND YOGA believes that every woman should celebrate their body. Beauty is not a size, it’s a state of mind. Made with love in the U.S.A.!! YES LOVE THIS.  These collections are produced to fit every body type– petite to curvy. Each piece is designed/tested to ensure comfort and functionality–from bra straps providing adequate support to elastic-free waistbands preventing uncomfortable digging and bulging.

Gathered Long Leggings - might be the absolute best leggings I have ever purchased. Love the length, the ruching and the fact that I wore them on a snowy run the other night and they kept me warm and dry. Not to mention that they are SUPER flattering. Well done. I will be ordering in other colors. I highly highly recommend giving this brand a whirl if you have never heard of them.

LuluLemon Top - always a classic. Loving the stripes and the Y back strap back right now! 


Ohhh Lulu! This video not only shows the incredible new tech they have for people who run at night or early in the morning, but doesn't this video just get you all fired up to RUN?? :o)

Either way, buying new gear always gets me out of the slump or the PVB (Polar Vortex Blues) which I was having a bad case of until some of these packages showed up at my door. So try out some new products and get re-energized by these wonderful brands and their mission statements! To make us all WANT TO BE FIT and LOOK GOOD DOING IT!

And don't forget to follow my friend Sherri on her blog - FUN FIT FLAVOR (click to go to her most recent post). She has great recipes to keep you motivated and healthy! 

Have a fabulous, fashionable weekend! Fight those PVB's!!