All About Him: Holiday Date Night and the Perfect Gift

'Tis the season for holiday date nights (hopefully this season lasts all year long!) and exchanging gifts with the one that holds your heart! Every year, Bryce and I treat ourselves to a nice dinner before the hustle/bustle of the holiday. Just the two of us. It gives us a chance to reflect on the past year and what our lives mean to each other. It's a nice way to celebrate before the big celebration of being surrounded by friends and our extended family. 

Below are some quick gift ideas for the man in your life and of course the perfect outfit to compliment your holiday night out on the town! It's officially December, so now is the time!

Buying for the man in your life.jpg

Party Animal - The Burton Lil' Buddy is just right for the guy who likes to party on the go! It's a three-in-one with stereo to blast his fave tunes, a cooler to hold all of his libations, and a built-in bottle opener for convenience. Under $100 on

Tech Head - Inside every man is a little boy. The Helo TC Chopper is controlled by his cell phone and flies wherever his heart desires! Find it on for under $50.

Ultimate Prepster - You know who this guy is! Lots of local New England Companies tout "made in the USA" and live up to the classic preppy look. Kiel James Patrick, a Rhode Island based business, has everything you need if this is your man! Like this Leather Anchor Belt for $85.00.

Modern Man - Thrill him with this Nixon "The Platform"  watch! Sleek black with edgy neon accents on the face. $200.00 and worth every penny.

Practical Dude - I have posted about the company Everlane before (here) and how fantastic they are. All about keeping costs low by cutting the middle man. This sweatshirt is such a practical cut, color, and fabric. Stylish yet simple and clean. Terry Cloth for $45 - check it out on

Outdoor Adventurer - I can't say enough about this. My brother has one and it is so great for the guy (or gal) that hikes, bikes, snowboards, surfs, runs, and pretty much moves in any active way! It is the best way to capture his entire journey from a perspective that he can't get from a plain, old camera. $399.00 for the big mama jama, but according to my extreme sportsman brother even the base model is amazing! Find it HERE and get ready for the adventures ahead!

date nught outfit.jpg

Sticking with the holiday theme of "KISS: Keep It Simple Santa", the above outfit is just that! Chic, but comfortable and breathable (in case you make extra room for dessert), you will be sure to turn your guy's head as you step out for a nice dinner.

Kate Spade "Lela" Pumps - These are a splurge, so if your wallet does stretch this wide, by all means throw on the classic black pumps in your closet. Always a winner!  I just think that these are so pretty with a splash of gold stars!

Anthropologie Spacedye Dress - A lovely way to build your LBD wardrobe, with just a little sparkle running through the thread! If you read the reviews there is one thing that is consistent - it's flattering on the bod!

Anthropologie Lasso Necklace - A faux layered look is easy to slide on! My theory is if you wear a statement necklace there is no need for much else!

Gorjana Clara Necklace - As always Gorjana is on my fave list! This ring is so beautiful and continues the understated twinkle throughout the outfit.

Hope this gets the ideas flowing! Have a fun, fashionable week! Enjoy the holiday season!