Instadore: Fashion Week

Welcome to my newest segment - INSTADORE - a collection of all the images that I adore on Instagram! Simple put, it's an opportunity for one monster #regram. :o)


Fashion week required my pointer finger to be in tip-top shape because there was so much to love!! From the street style bloggers to couture runways.....

Here is my quick Fall 2014 trend recap:

  1. FUR FUR and more FUR... real and faux. Make it happen.
  2. COZY chic - big sweaters and lots of layers
  3. Sporty looks - adding in the functional urban feel
  4. Big coats - continuing the love affair - cocoons, ponchos, men's inspired
  5. Over the Knee Boot - the short-legged (like myself) might need a tutorial on this one! :o)
  6. Second Skin Boot - gorgeous grey version above...
  7. Turtleneck sweater surpasses the scarf
  8. Midi skirt - my personal favorite, so glad it's back for another season!
  9. Men's Inspired TROUSERS! Pleats can be flattering!
  10. Red on Red - rust, orangey tones, blood reds - layer 'em up!
  11. Black and white prints - marble pattern!
  12. Python - my least fave for any of you that know me.... it's everywhere, bras, second skin boots, full suits! OYE.

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Have a fun, fashionable week,