Spotlight on: Cuyana

Sustainable style. Much like Everlane (blog post seen here), Cuyana (meaning "love") is a brand with a message and a heart.

The quick of it:

- Fewer, better things. Love every item in your closet and get rid of the things that you are ho-hum about. See their lean closet challenge here. It's a genius philosophy - leaner closet, fuller life. After reading this it will make you want to start purging! 

- Treasure the art of buying a piece for your closet. Have a story to tell about how you acquired it, on a vacation, from your grandmother, or in a vintage shop. Own it.

- Fashion can be more fulfilling and soulful. Allow it in.

- Amazing quality and products to last a lifetime. Nothing trendy here, folks! Classic and timeless is the name of the game.

CUYANA power point.jpg

I love the wave of innovative brands that emerging on the West and East coasts... 

Cuyana - San Fran based

Everlane - San Fran Based, first blog post here

Bow and Drape - NYC by way of Boston

Pura Vida - first blogged about here, Costa Rica based company! LOVE THEM.

Roozt - WOW cool stuff. So much fun to spend time searching...

Good hYOUman - love everything on this site.

Have a fun, fashionable weekend,