Simple Sally in 2015.

January represents a month of cleansing and simplifying. A clean start, a chance to purge unnecessary "things" from our daily lives and streamline our approach.  Below, I share my favorite ways to strip down the overwhelming noise that pollutes our existence. 

KISS: Keep It Simple Sally. 

Some key words to repeat in 2015:

Pure.  Simple.  Very few ingredients.  Less is More.   Organic when you can.  Holistic.   Wholesome.   Breathe.   Relax.  Drink good wine.   


Little, tiny, itsy bitsy changes to simplify your routine can not only shave time off your morning schedule, but it's also an opportunity to detoxify out all of the unnecessary "stuff".

1. Organic Deodorant. I converted to Primal Pit Paste (here) over a year ago and it was the best decision I ever made (thanks Denise!). I had tried every "natural" deodorant you can think of. None of it worked. THIS does. I promise and trust someone who has tried it all. 6 ingredients - 95% organic - and smells wonderful (oh and did I mention this actually works?). Have you ever read the label on any commercial deodorant? 

2. Pure Aragan Oil. My brand of choice is Josie Maran (here). I also made this change a little over a year ago and although it took some time for my skin to adjust, I have pretty much eradicated my sun spots! It makes me feel good to know that I am only putting one ingredient on my face.

3. L'Occitane Almond Body Oil (here). This cold weather can really leave the skin feeling dry and the oil hygrates, smells yummy, and transports me to another place (a warmer one!).

4. Dr.Brommers All-One Hemp Tea Tree Organic Soap (here). I was always a DOVE fan, but once I introduced this fabulous soap into my daily routine I won't be going back! Smells great and is all organic!

5. Tom's Toothpaste (here). Nothing much to say about this one - it's just a good change to make!

6. EOS Lavender Hand Sanitizer (here). I believe in hand washing over hand sanitizer, but I also travel a lot and know that the reality is a sink/soap is not always accessible on a plane, train, or car. This sanitizer is like a mini spa in a bottle - the smell of lavender calms and cleans.  I like the spray function too. 

Simplify your daily pleasures, but definitely still indulge! I love snuggling up on the couch with my puppies and a good glass of wine just as much as a hot tea. Just depends on the night.

1. Lake Champlain Peruvian Dark Chocolate (here). Good for you and tasty! I have a piece after my lunch or dinner every day! 

2. Decoy Wine (here). It's a weekly splurge for me. It's my fave! Try it - I know you will agree!

3. Tazo Organic Spicy Ginger Tea (here). I drink a cup (in my fabulous mug) every night  before bed.

4. Hydrangeas. A little bit of sunshine inside! It just makes me happy to have fresh flowers.

5. Illume Woodfire Candle (here). This is my go-to candle. I discovered it two falls ago on a trip to TERRAIN (Anthropologie's home/garden store). If you don't have a fireplace then this is the next best thing!

6. A really fabulous mug from a really fabulous place that transports you back to a moment. A special moment. Mine is from Glacier National Park in Montana. 

January makes me want to feel cozy and warm on the inside, but also healthy after a long holiday season of eating heavy. 

1. Shirazi Salad (Israeli): So easy - diced tomatoes, cucumber, pepper, and onion (optional). Add some olive oil, parsley, lots of fresh lemon, a dash of mint, sea salt, and pepper. Mix together!

2. Chia Pudding: Chia seeds mixed with Almond Milk and top w/ fruit, cacao nibs, or nuts! Shake in a mason jar and once it thickens it is ready to eat!

3. BluePrint Kale Green Drink: these are expensive, but make you feel like super woman when you drink them! I often trade out lunch with one of these and it's energizing and so healthy!

4. Crustless Quiche: I try to make one a week so I can bring for lunch or have a quick, healthy dinner on hand. I usually do a broc and cheddar combo. If you want my recipe - email me and I will send it! Promise you won't miss the crust! 

5. Organic Ramen: Ramen is making a comeback. Bryce and I tried about 3 different kinds and this particular Organic version is YUMMY.

6. Mexican Chicken Tortilla Soup: Such a nice change up from the usual chili I make all winter. The Pioneer Woman makes a delish version (I modified, but you will get the gist) - HERE

Music makes the soul feel good! In our house, if we are cooking and there is no music pumping through the speakers then there is something wrong. We love music! Here are some of the things that are on my playlist right now...

1. Asgeir - this is an Icelandic 20-something-year-old genius. His lyrics are haunting and the vibes are so chill. Both albums are good. Some of my top songs: Head in the Snow, Torrent, Summer Guest, and Kings and Crosses.

2. Crozet - new discovery. Technically dance, but way more "atmospheric" then anything. A little 80's meets chill... songs to look for: Closed Shades, We'll be Gone by Then.

3. Broods - Ahhhh check out Bridges and Mother & Father!

4. Secret Life of Walter Mitty - great movie and great soundtrack!

5. Milky Chance - everyone is going crazy over their popular song, Stolen Dance, but Flashed Junk Mind is the real sleeper in my opinion. 

6. Lindsey Stirling - this is an album that my dear friend Ilaria is obsessed with and I have to say it's good. Song of the Caged Bird and Transcendence are too of my personal faves.

Simple style lasts forever and after you purge 5 full garbage bags of clothes this month (remember this post here with Diana and Joanna?? GET TO IT LADIES), you are going to need to dial it back with these simple wardrobe building pieces.....

1. Madewell Pajamas - (here) - I am so into long johns right now and Madewell offers the most comfortable version. I also like a simple cami to match! On check it and get ready to snuggle with a warm cup of ginger tea in your fabulous mug! :o)

2. J.Crew White Buttondown w/ a twist (here) -  I love a classic with a twist. It's unexpected and fun! Super on sale right now!

3. H&M grey denim - soft and subtle and AFFORDABLE! (here). A different take on the regular old blue jeans...

4. Jennifer Zeuner Wishbone Necklace (here) in rose gold. My go-to pendant. When in doubt....

5. Asos (here) Simple Grey Cape. Gotta stay warm somehow. This grey cape/scarf/blanket all-in-one is the perfect color and weight to keep you looking stylish and cool.

6. J.Crew Rose Gold Oxfords (here) I love my silver ones, but they are also starting to look worn because I wear them so frequently. I am ready for a new metal type, baby! They go with everything - from skirts to dresses to jeans! 


KISS: Keep It Simple Sally. 

and repeat.....

Pure.  Simple.  Very few ingredients.  Less is More.   Organic when you can.  Holistic.   Wholesome.   Breathe.   Relax.  Drink good wine.   

have a fun, fashionable day,