Challenge and Change in 2015

Isn't it crazy that before the needles are dry on your Christmas tree there are already ads on TV screaming - Lose that holiday weight! Eat healthier! Cut this and cut that! And the pressure we put on ourselves to meet these goals is near impossible to live to. 

It all feels ripe with negativity and a set up for failure. What happens on February 1st when we all break our new years resolutions? Guilt. Disappointment. Yuck. 

Because of this, I don't believe in New Year's resolutions, but I do believe in challenging myself to change in small, attainable ways.

My idea is simple. Three Changes:

- Power of Positivity. Positive thinking produces positive results. No need to say more!

- Stepping out of the Comfort Zone. Don't let the naysayers in. Sometimes I hold back posting things on my blog out of fear of what people will say. Some think that the fashion world is full of empty-headed women and men, but the reality is that there is so much artistry in this industry - from the designers to the stylists. It's a creative outlet that energizes me and I need to feel good about sharing it! Remember to embrace what you are passionate about and eventually living outside of your comfort zone will become "in the zone". :o) 

- Rephrase Intentions. I gave myself this challenge last year and for the most part I kept to it, but can still do better. Instead of saying, "I don't have time to do that" say, "I need to make time for that". It's such a subtle language change, but I promise it makes a difference. It shows hope opposed to hopelessness.

And one bonus challenge.... to enjoy living in this beautiful (albeit cold) city during the winter! We maximize the summer months, but have such tunnel vision of getting through the frozen January, February and March.

The shots in this post are from one of the coldest nights in the city (of course Will and I decide to shoot outfits without tights). Clearly, the clothes played second fiddle to the sights of the city! She was all dressed up for the holidays and looking gorgeous! 

Happy New Year my readers! Thank you for following me on this journey and I hope I help to inspire your wardrobe every now and then in 2015!!!

Have a fun. fashionable year,