Finding Beauty in the Quiet Moments

I just got back from 12 days in Vegas. My brain is fried and my body tired of all that place represents. Now don't get me wrong - I had a blast. Probably too much fun a couple nights. 

I realized something special while I was there. Amidst all of the hard work, the people that I call my friends are truly special and unique in their own way. It's pretty amazing when you can return home and feel like your job was equal parts work, laughter, smiles, and omg... fun! 

Bohemian Chic Outfit Details... feeling wholesome and relaxed!

Zara and JCrew kinda outfit - Zara skirt (here), Zara off the shoulder top (here only $15!!) and JCrew Denim jacket with Jcrew flip flops (on sale!) (here and here)

Two days after I returned home to Boston, I got on a train bound for NYC (for a hot second) and found myself overstimulated and very frustrated with the amount of people that were running around haphazardly outside Penn Station. It gave me so much angst that I couldn't wait to get off the street and away from the craze. Typically I love the energy on the streets of NYC, but that day I wanted to be anywhere but there. 

I have yet to spend anytime recouping (as seen by the two martinis I drank last night) and I am in desperate need of it.  I like to call it "Finding the quiet" which is super important for the following: 

- striking balance between worlds

- eating clean, organic, and minimal ingredient foods

- sweating it out; moving as much as possible to get out the kinks

- reconnecting to ourselves, our loved ones (human or furry), and our surroundings

- making sure our "house" (both proverbial and literal) is in order; messy house, messy mind; clean house, clean mind

- breathing in fresh air, long walks in nature

So, that's the goal for the weekend - to find "my quiet". I may not reach all of the above, but I will put in quite the effort to get there. 

Have a fun, fashionable Thursday,