3 Ways To Stop & Smell The Roses

Death always happens in threes, right? Well we had several losses in our extended family over the last couple of weeks and it's a startling reminder that life is short. My 2015 posts have mostly been about embracing the small moments and spending time with loved ones as as much as possible.

Last weekend I noticed that my rose bush had flowers on it and I got so excited. It has such a short life cycle so I always try to cut them and enjoy their gorgeous fragrance in the house. This time (and I know how silly and cliche it sounds) when I cut the roses I got teary-eyed thinking of the people we lost. To remember to stop and smell the roses is a tough thing to think about on a daily basis, but when we lose people the silver lining is that it gives us pause. That reminder alone is so important and such a lovely thing to think about. Yeah, death SUCKS and that won't change. I am taking this time to say these are the things I love: the people in my life and the little moments that often fly by in a blink. 

Before I get down to it, let me introduce you to the star of this show: THE ROSE MIDI SKIRT from Mindy Mae's Market. You can find it here for a grand total of $39.99!! It is so versatile and although I would use the words bold, loud, and bright to describe it I think that any gal willing to give this a whirl can completely OWN it!!! Here I give you three ways to work it!


With the city as our backdrop, Will and I got down to it one beautiful spring day. Seen here with an Asos crop top and SJP heels, I kicked it up a notch by keeping it super mellow and conservative up top in a simple white top, but then adding some more pink to the bottom. One can never have too much pink, right? SJP heels (TTS): HERE and Asos top HERE (sold in a two pack w/ a black one as well).

So many fun jewels - Hearts On Fire Lorelei ring HERE and a mixture of Pura Vida bracelets, Tai bracelets and a fun, but old Vale rose gold cuff. I like to mix/match for texture. Also, the Rebecca Minkoff bag is such a staple - find it HERE. My denim jacket has also been a lifesaver this spring with the fluctuating temps - it's J.Crew (HERE).


I know what you are thinking - seriously? Stripes w/ flowers? Who does that? I actually like to play with print, but in a very subtle way. It could be way more intense then this, but I chose a very subdued black and white classic stripe to pair with this bold skirt. I am also loving the off-the-shoulder look right now. This one is from Zara and it's pretty fantastic for $15.95. I adore it!

Alright so the DVF shoes are a bit much and I recognize that they won't be right for everyone, but they are super comfortable and have a fantastic gold heel (that you can't see). Sold out everywhere unfortunately! 


I love a cropped top. But only when it is worn in a conservative way. What does that mean? It means not showing your midriff - connecting the top with the bottom so it's resting fabric on fabric. GIRLS - you don't have to tell all of your secrets - be DISCREET.  

The top is another Asos purchase (HERE) - it's only $9 and has a fabulously open back. It will be perfect to wear over a swimsuit or with any kind of high-waisted skirt! 

Tell the people in your life how much they mean! And stop to smell whatever flower it is that you call your favorite....  Don't wait. It all goes by in a blink, after all.

have a fun, fashionable week,