Summer, In Reflection

Summer has been good to us. After a long, arduous winter we deserved sunny, hot, humid days filled with blue skies and puffy clouds. Gorgeous sunset after gorgeous sunset and one perfect sunrise from the boat... an amazing New England week spent in Charlestown, RI, a blue moon to close the month of July and a full, yellow one that brought August out with a bang. Both equally beautiful. It went fast at all the right moments and slow just when the universe needed it to. 

I took the last two months off from blogging. I am pretty much the world's most inconsistent blogger to begin with and I have become OK with that over the last couple years. I just do what I can, when I can! Embrace life and regret nothing!

With that said, Will and I did manage to squeeze one shoot in this summer. It was intended to be easy breezy proved to be just that! As we head into Fall I will be sharing some key pieces to add to your wardrobe and even some that you should seriously consider retiring, but for now, let's just pay homage to this amazing, spectacular summer by looking through some highlights from our day on Peddocks Island.

What a cute little picnic Will, Joanna, Bryce, and I had on Peddocks Island (where Shutter Island was filmed)! We had cheese, meat, hummus and of course - MIMOSAS in Chandon's cool striped summery bottle! The Beach People blanket in these pics stole the show this season - it was my absolute fave splurge (but more on that later). The picnic basket was a gift from my bro and SIL a couple years ago for Christmas and it's awesome - has silverware and stemware! Perfect for this kind of spread.

The Beach People blanket is $99. It's worth every penny. An Australian company I discovered online - I fell in love with their patterns, the round shape, and the fringe! It's just perfect and such a great gift idea! Their whole vibe will keep you wishing for an endless summer!

I haven't embraced a one-piece bathing suit in years, so I stepped out of my comfort zone and gave it a whirl. It wasn't the perfect fit, but I love the simplicity of the back. It's JCrew - they have a good selection HERE.

Such a bummer that I lost this white dress on a bach wknd in NH, but at least it was Zara on sale and only cost $19! I tried to reorder it, but it was popular at that price and totally sold out. It did, however, teach me the importance of the perfect summer white dress. Stock up for NEXT summer here (and they are on sale)!

This dress! It was a wonderful $25 spent. You can still get it on a website called Choies - HERE. I have it layered with a lace tube top because it's VERY open, but it's lovely and fun and COMFORTABLE!!! I love all the shots Will got of me wearing it around Peddocks.

I will miss you dear, sweet summer, in all of your glory! Your remaining days may be fleeting, but I will put every single sun-drenched memory in my winter coat pocket!

xoxo always and forever,