Confidence is the Best Outfit

It was a rainy, dreary Sunday in January. I had just gotten back from a quick trip to NYC. Will and I had planned to shoot regardless of the weather. I look tired in these pictures, but I love the simplicity of the outfit, the comfort of my surroundings, and coziness/color of Will's lighting.

Let's talk about entering 2016 with confidence. Why not? Why wait? Let's make it happen - during tough conversations, difficult moments, work meetings, uncomfortable times. But what are the tricks and tips to feeling more confident in a world where so often we feel the exact opposite. 

1. Stand Tall - our posture speaks volumes. If our bodies are upright and our shoulders back we immediately look stronger, happier, healthier and by default exuding confidence.

2. Change our Environment - Get up, walk around, and change the stimuli in our brains! Studies prove that going to places where we feel creative and happy when we are have low confidence helps! So hit up that coffee shop or go to the park - do something that gives us pleasure!

3. Do something we are good at! Be aware of our strengths and use them everyday. That, coupled with doing something challenging, creates balance and harmony.

4. Reframe. Negative thoughts = low confidence. We must learn to ask ourselves these three simple questions when faced with negativity: how can we make this situation work in our favor? What is the benefit that will come from this? How can we look at this in a more useful way?

5. Breath and Future Thought. Fear and anxiety cause shallow breathing and terrible thoughts. We should intentionally breath deep and visualize positivity. To make this a natural reaction when faced with adversity we must practice - dedicating time to quiet.

These shoes. I just adore them. Butterflies and puppy dogs.... (check here if you want 'em)

I am loving silk scarves this winter. They dress up any outfit. I have a bunch that my grandmother Alice left behind and have also collected several favorites off of The Real Real. The moto faux leather pants are Madewell (old but similar at ShopBop here), Rebecca Taylor slouchy shirt (similar here). Jewelry is Stephen Webster and Hearts On Fire.

Be well. Be ready. Take on 2016 with so much confidence and truthfulness. It's our time to be bold, happy, and positive.