February Goings On

February started off with lots of hustle and bustle! Bryce is at the height of his season and I also have lots of travel coming up all month long. And.... we got snow! And..... it melted! :o) Last year was such a long, cold, tough winter that we deserved a wonderful, long, summer followed by a mellow, mild 2016 winter. Mother Nature is being good to us so far!

The sun setting after 10" fell.....

A snowy training run with these two gals....

A delicious, easy recipe that I have been wanting to try.... soy soaked hard boiled eggs from Momofuku Restaurant in NYC - try it here - you won't regret it!  (trust me I know it looks gross, but I PROMISE it's not!)

Some soulful tunes... 

1. Hello (Reggae Cover) by Conkarah & Rosie Delmah - this is a delightful little version of Adele's Hello

2. Coffee by Se - a tune that my favorite yoga instructor always place, it's uplifting but also mellowing

3. Water Under the Bridge by Adele - the entire album is amazing, but right now this might be my go-to jam

4. Raven's Song by Aaron Embry - he is a stone cold weirdo, but this song is tantalizing, happy, and upbeat. The piano playing is spectacular!

I love a monochromatic grey look... nails, scarf, coat... the list goes on! Grey is the new black - it goes with black or brown or any pop of color you want to include! 

Lots of love and happiness!

Have a fun, fashionable week,