The Wide Leg

This spring is all about the wide leg denim. So get on the party train!!

Before you dive head first into the wide leg trend here are some nuances and nice-to-knows:

-if you aren't naturally built with daddy long legs , these pants will need tailoring to look perfect

- make sure you bring your heels to the appointment so they get the measurements correct. The length should graze the floor ever so slightly, but still show the front of your shoes

- a nice press down the center creates long, lean lines and draws the eye away from the the hips


A couple of things are at play here...

- Wide leg jeans 

- A fun hat

- Brown/Black together at last

-Spring transition sweater vest

- Fun gold jewelry, like cool midi rings and necklaces that magnify

All different prices and styles - click the # here for the one you like - 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

My outfit details are as follows: Sweater, Madewell on super sale, here / Necklace, Julie Vos sold out but more here / Midi Rings - Hearts On Fire, not out yet / Denim, Anthropologie sold out / Shoes, Jessica Simpson here / Handbag, Sophie Hulme here

have a fun, fashionable week,