BeltStop - Make it your next stop!

My beautiful friends Adi and Sivan own a company called BeltStop. Although they originally started with belts, both fabric and leather, they also offer hair accessories. Born with unusually thick hair, I constantly find myself on the prowl for new and exciting ways to style. With options like reversible headbands that go with every outfit in my closet and bandana bands which are great to throw on for yoga, BeltStop introduces a new concept...... Decorated with a flower applique, "Head Wraps" can be worn several ways to keep you warm this winter. My weak attempt at modeling is shown here, as a quick neck warmer (like a modern day "turtle" or "neck-up" - remember those from skiing?) or as a cute headband (think 80's ski bunny meets hippy chic). Visit to see all of the styles that Adi and Sivan have in their line!