Transition of Wardrobe.....

I threw up a post yesterday about "wardrobe transition" and how challenging it can be. As I was perusing Rue La La today I found a very helpful article pointing out 5 ways to combat the "I have nothing to wear" complaint that I hear most people spewing on these early fall days.....
1.) Prep your space - make sure it's clean!!
2.) Edit your wardrobe - eliminate anything that is unflattering or has been sitting in your closet untouched for more then a year!!
3.) Categorize and color code - put like with like, similar styles should be grouped together and then color coded light to dark!!
4.) Create Space - put up hooks or move summery clothes to another closet to optimize room!!
5.) Create order for shoes - buy a shoe rack and again, put your flats with flats and boots with boots!

I know what I am going to do for the rest of my Sunday - GETTING ORGANIZED for the transition!!! It's official - summer is over. Go to it, but before you do, check out