Blanket or Sweater - how about both?

I heart the fall weather in a big way. Summer slowly melts away and the beautiful cool breezes sneak in. It's a sign of delicious pumpkin spice lattes and snuggling in cozy down vests and perhaps a sweater or two. The warm days bring cold nights and it can be a tough time on your closet. Transition-wear is what I like to call it. Wrap sweaters are perfect for this "transition" - they are also perfect for long plane rides, lounging around the house, or cold theromstats in the office. Basically I can find a use for them every day and usually don't leave home without one. So.....when I stumbled upon these gorgeous Blanket Sweaters I knew that it was going to be my next investment. Although, with the two pictures I have attached, you can choose whether you want to splurge or not! Both found on, the tan one is by Laurie B and retails for $190.00 while the dark grey one is MinkPink and retails for $64.00.