They've GONE TO PLAID!!!!

Just like the beloved movie Spaceballs (that I could quote from all day), I've gone to PLAID! Mad for it.....I didn't really buy into this whole trend because it makes me think of my dad's standard winter outfits when he was working out in the cold, but now I think it's kind of sweet and will definitely help to keep me warm this fall under my puffy vest or trench coat. Two different tops that I recently purchased are both from 4-EVA 21. I realize that I am too old to be doing a bulk of my shopping there, which is why I only buy the pieces that will make my wardrobe look current, but won't break the bank! Alas, here is the heavy flannel plaid button down that I ended up with. Do what you wish, but be sure not to go overboard with this look - a little goes a loooong way!