Kate Bosworth and Her New Mint: Jewelry

Kate Bosworth is beautiful and a trendsetter. She is known for her minimalist, yet impeccable taste. When I was reading through the November issue of InStyle a two page article with Kate's name in it caught my eye. She has teamed up with her best friend/stylist to the stars, Cher Coulter, to create a website that is unique and interesting. Called JewelMint, the basic gist of the site is that you enroll and for $29.99 a month you get to pick a piece of jewelry from their collection. Any piece - because everything is the same price. Got your attention? After you sign up you have to answer a series of questions so JewelMint understands your personal style.....examples are: Which fashionista would you love to trade closets with or which look would you choose to hit the red carpet with? What color nail polish do you tend to lean toward, etc.....Based on your answers the system can predict what pieces will catch your eye. There is a lot to offer too, from bracelets to cocktail rings to big funky earrings....all unique stand alone pieces and all designed by Kate and Cher. Each time you order something the system builds your profile and gets to know your likes and dislikes, creating the ability to better understand you. With all of this said, the question is ----- is it worth it to do this for $29.99 a month? Check out http://www.jewelmint.com/ and tell me what you think. I would be lying if I said I wasn't terribly curious about this new concept, but is it worth the money and what is the commitment? What do you guys think?